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Pessimism Is The New Optimism
September 10, 2007, 11:46 pm
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bacon-egg-cheese-bagel-761620.jpgI am sitting here on the Kansas City Airport floor waiting to board a flight to Denver, and I am completely satisfied by my morning breakfast decision. I chose an Asiago bagel with egg and cheese from a deli type place on the other side of security.

Airport food is generally far more expensive than normal food, and usually about a third of the quality. I knew this going into this mornings breakfast opportunity, but also knew that we wouldn’t be around food until about five this evening. This place didn’t look bad though. There were several different bagel choices, and several different sandwich options. The man in front of me chose the egg and cheese sandwich on a cinnamon raisin bagel, which made my stomach turn. I chose my sandwich, paid them their five dollars and we were on our way.

While standing in the security line I mentioned to Shaun that, most likely the egg on my bagel sandwich was going to be nasty and hopefully my bagel choice would make up for the spongy microwaved egg. Shaun immediately asked, “Why are you going into it like that? It’s a little pessimistic don’t you think?” “Maybe”, I said. “But if it’s good, I will be pleasantly surprised.”

“Pessimism is the new optimism”, I said.

Now sitting here, after passing through security, and just finishing my egg and cheese sandwich on an Asiago cheese bagel Shaun asked me, “So did it exceed your expectations?” “I can honestly say ‘Yes, it did exceed my low expectations’.” “You a little disappointed in yours?”, I asked.



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When one is pessimistic, pleasant surprises abound, and yet one is never caught off-guard by the worst case scenario! It’s the only way to go! 🙂

Comment by Rowan


Comment by euphrony

I love it, it doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty, or half full. Just recognize you have the glass and see how much it gets filled up.

Comment by Shawn "with a W" Bashor

At times it’s harder to get discouraged when you’re pessimistic, I don’t care what the optimist has to say about that.

Comment by Alymc

Haha yesss.
I always go into things expecting the worst.
In this world there is a way better chance of expecting the worst and getting something better than wanting the best and getting something worse.

Comment by Raquel :D

Dear Brody,

You would be so kind as to post the name of the afore mentioned “deli-type place” that you found so pleasing to your taste-buds. Certian of us who frequent the airports of this great nation find this type of information invaluable. Thank you in advance.

Your Friend,
The Extreme Optimist.

Comment by Michael

this definetly works with food, but I wouldnt use this techniqe for a whole lot of other things.

I do agree though, I try and use this on Movies. It just sucks when their actually worse than you expect.

Such as,
new employee’s (if you think their going to suck their going to suck worse)
A day of work (if you think it’s going to suck it’s going to suck worse)
A blind date (if you think their going to suck their going to suck worse)
A day at the river (if you think it’s going to suck it’s going to suck for those who dont go – I like the river)

im off to watch Rocky III

Comment by randy

“Leave no room for disappoint” has been my general philosophy for existence since before I can remember, in regards to both my personal expectations and other’s expectations of me. This is a characteristic which God has been convicting me of since I gave my life to Him, constantly encouraging me that He came to give me a life, not of mediocrity, but, “exceedingly abundantly beyond anything I can ask, think, or imagine.” This is not to say that I never feel disappointed, or resort back to my former philosophy (because I know I do regularly), but I am learning trust and faith. I’m not trying to be super spiritual (after all, we’re talking about a breakfast sandwich), but I just got to thinking about the bigger picture.

Comment by livngfragrance

An optimist sees the glass as 1/2 full.
A pessimist sees the glass as 1/2 empty.
A realist sees a glass with liquid in it.

An engineer sees a glass that is twice as big as it needs to be.

Comment by Gaetano

so that’s why I’m always crashing into depression!! I just need to become a pessimist!

Comment by Amy



Comment by brodyharper

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