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Stuck Behind “That Guy”
September 18, 2007, 10:06 am
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loosingticket1.jpgAs many gas stations I am in throughout the week, it almost never fails that at some point I will be stuck behind “that guy” or “that girl”. It’s the person that has somehow come to the realization that it is a good idea to spend a little of their paycheck on scratcher lottery tickets. Some with small cherries, some that offer double your “winnings” and several others.

Inevitably this person will somehow know that I am in a hurry trying to make it to a show, or trying to make it home to see my family. Perhaps it’s their bitterness from years and years of, blistered finger, scratching and never winning, maybe it’s that I am invisible, or maybe their concentration is so focused on choosing the right card to scratch, but it always, and I mean always, takes forever. And there I am. Stuck behind “that guy”.

I’ve thought about tapping “that guy” on the shoulder nicely and offering him a second option.

“Excuse me, Mr. Lottery Scratcher Guy, I couldn’t help but notice that you are desperately trying to buy thirty-five dollars worth of scratcher tickets. Can I offer you a second option?”

“What thee (“that guy” says “thee” instead of “the”) hell? Are you talking to me?” he says, adjusting his “I like boobs” trucker hat.

“Yeah. I just wanted to offer you a second option in your Lottery quest. What would you say to simply handing me that thirty-five dollars, I will hand you a quarter, lay my hand palm down on the convenient store counter and you can gently scratch until I say the words, ‘Try Again’. How does that sound to you? I will take your money, you will take your loss of money, and everyone is happy.”

“You some kinda joker, boy? You trying to butter me up or somethin’ so when I win my millions you can have some?”

“No sir, just trying to speed the line up a little. I didn’t expect the purchase of a flavored, bottled water with added Vitamin B12 to take forty-five minutes. Also just thought I would ruin the end of your lottery suspense.”


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hahhaa….sorry to laugh at your experience…but that’s just dang funny. i know see what you’re talking about…i will not be wearing my “i like boobs” hat anymore.

Comment by Aaron Ivey

Haha you do the things other people only think of doing but don’t because they’re afraid of getting beat up or something to that extent.

Comment by Raquel TWG

Just out of curriousity…What do you say to someone who has one 70K on a 5 dollar scratch ticket? I say that he received 14,000 times his investment.

I also say you don’t win if you don’t play and believe it or not some people do win.

I would also like to point out to you that a public gas station does not revolve around you or your lack of time management. You are still awesome though.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

I so know what you mean! That drives me crazy! It’s like after they spend way too much time and money on those things, they have to stand at the counter and scratch them all off …. why? Do they do that in case they dont win with their 5 tickets they might buy another one and win? Aggravating.
Oh, and I liked the little detail about the flavored ,bottled water with added vitamin B12. Haha.

Comment by Alymc

The lottery is a tax on the poor and/or people who can’t do math. “Somebody’s gotta win!” is a nice slogan, but they should add….”and it ain’t gonna be you!”

I was once in line at a gas station where the woman in front of me with several barefoot kids was buying lottery scratch-off’s (the most addictive and nasty little forms of gambling) for one of her young kid’s BIRTHDAY! I know this because she said “Well…Johnny….since it’s your birthday, you get to pick the scratch-off’s”


I felt like saying “BUY HIM SHOES!!!!”

Comment by Scott

Fare enough. I do agree that it is something that should be done responsibly. I am very good at math and have a job where I make a great salary. So your statement of “The lottery is a tax on the poor and/or people who can’t do math,” is nothing short of inaccurate.

I also believe it is not your job or my job to judge that woman or anyone who chooses to buy tickets. This is the perfect example of us “christians” being self-righteous.

“Somebody has to win?” This in fact is true, I know it is true because I am the someone I was refering to who won 70,000 dollars. I got 50,400 after taxes.

Let me qualify this by saying I seldom play the loto anymore, when I won that money I wasn’t exactly walking with Christ and what I did with it is a very long story. Have a great day.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

I just love the fact that “that guy” wears an “I like boobs” trucker hat…what does “that girl” wear?

Comment by livngfragrance

If “that girl” was wearing a “trucker hat,” my guess would be an “I like boobs” trucker hat.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Shawn. I assume much of what you are saying is with a hint of sarcasm but…

“Just out of curriousity…What do you say to someone who has one 70K on a 5 dollar scratch ticket? I say that he received 14,000 times his investment.”

I would say to that someone I still don’t think it’s a responsible way to spend their money when there is no guarantee of winning. I would also point to a few examples of past winners.

William “Bud” Post won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery in 1988 but now lives on his $450.00 a month Social Security check after relatives, and an ex-girlfriend tormented him until he invested and shared his millions with them.

The 2002, $314.9 million dollar Powerball winner Jack Whittaker was sued by an Atlantic City casino in 2004 for allegedly writing bad checks from a closed bank account in West Virginia.

Evelyn Adams, who won the $5.4 million dollar New Jersey lottery not just once, but twice in 1985 and again in 1986 gambled most of it away, and is broke today.

1993 Missouri lottery winner Janite Lee won $18 million, but was overly generous by giving the money away to a variety of causes leading to her filing bankruptcy just eight years after her stroke of good fortune hit.

Billie Bob Harrell Jr. hit the $37 million dollar Texas jackpot in 1997 only to end his own life less than two years later when he realized that all he wanted his marriage more then the money, but that it was too late to fix the strained marriage. Why was it strained? His spending habits spiraled out of control, and his wife only wanted a normal life which was anything but.

Juan Rodriguez had been thrown out by his wife Iris prior to purchasing a winning New York lottery ticket worth $149 million. She reconciled with him for two weeks, then filed for a divorce taking half of his winnings with her.

But those are just a few.

Did winning that cash make you a better person? Did it change your life? Why is it that you rarely play anymore?

“I would also like to point out to you that a public gas station does not revolve around you or your lack of time management”

No amount of “time management” can prepare for 45 minutes behind “that guy” in a gas station to buy water.

I don’t think it’s Christians being self righteous, I think it’s me wanting my freaking bottled water. “That guy” can go scratch his dumb tickets over at the hot dog counter.

I still like the idea of “that guy” giving me his money.

Comment by brodyharper

You crack me up. Yes a lot of that is true. I did in fact win 70k on April 12th, 2001 two days before my birthday.

Did make me a better person? In the long run yes. I now know how to manage money and I am greatful for what I have. I also leared how you all of the sudden have friends when you have money or any commodity people want, this I am sure you can relate to. I blew (litterally) all that money in about 8 months. Come to find out 50 grand doesn’t buy much coke. Especially when you all the sudden have friends you didn’t have before. I rarely play because I don’t care to gamble as much really and the chances of hitting it twice are even smaller.

“I would say to that someone I still don’t think it’s a responsible way to spend their money when there is no guarantee of winning.” I submitt to you that buying bottled water could be considered an irresponsible way to spend money (outside of a foreign country like Mexico or Lousiana)

Can I see why you want him out of the way? Yes. Do I think we have the right to judge him? No. Should we judge anyone? No. Should we hold each other accountable? Yes.

So here is the deal I am willing to make with you. I will no longer buy a scatch ticket, if you stop buying bottled water.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

No dice.

It would only make sense if I paid for the water and the odds of me getting to drink it was 1 in 525,000.

Comment by brodyharper

Scratching a loosing ticket leaves this grey crap on your fingers. Spending that much money on bottled water leads to urine. The 1 in 525,000 chance of winning money is still better odds than your urine turning to gold.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Why is it that guys can take any conversation, and somehow lead it to a discussion of bodily functions…I feel a stand-up bit coming on…if only I were a comedian.

My family and I live near indian owned property, and as such, a plethora of casinos. My dad has always liked a good game of Texas Hold-em, but never got into playing at the casinos…until recently. Fortunately, he is good and usually comes out on top, but not always. I have to hear my dad complain to my mother about how we cannot afford to have the air conditioner on regularly. Take into account the fact that my mother is going through menopause (which means intolerably uncomfortable hot flashes) and we live in one of the hottest inhabited places in the United States (Palm Springs area of California). My dad has no right to make my mother feel bad for wanting to not pass out daily from heat exhaustion because “we can’t afford the electricity bills,” when he finds hundreds of dollars a month to spend on poker. Which brings me to my next point…water is good…and if it helps my mother maintain a state of consciousness when the air conditioner is off, then water, and by association, urine, is as good as gold.

Comment by livngfragrance

May I suggest that your father take your mother with him to the Morongo casino? I know for a fact it is air conditioned and they will supply you with a plethora of drinks (whatever you prefer).

There you go there is the answer, sit at the casino all day, you have 1) air condition 2) plenty of drinks (ie water) 3) your dad gets to play poker.

If you would like to see the type of poker I play, you can see it here
. Oh and by the way the advice is free so I will not be sending you an invoice. Shhhhhhhh that was easy…next!

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Seriouly Shaun you showed your ignorance with the iphone conversation. Now you just look like a jackass!

Comment by Hickman

I am ignorant…I’m a worthless, evidently stupid, person who’s opinion is not allowed and is always wrong. My God, my God where are the razor blades “Hickman” doesn’t like me?

One thing I can claim is I do know how to read and I do know the difference between Shaun and Shawn.

I believe if you feel it necessary to insult me please atleast have the respect to spell my name correct.

Oh and have a BLESSED day.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

I told my father in law once that if I ever won the lottery, the first thing I’d do would be to fund a new sanctuary for my church.

He came back with, “Do you play the lottery?”

“Um, no.”

“Well then how do you expect God to bless you this way?”

I believe that God works in all kinds of ways to bless his people, and that includes money. A lottery winning doesn’t have to destroy lives; the decisions that come after winning usually do that.

I don’t believe that buying lotto tickets (and gambling in general) is sinful, unless it becomes an idol. The love of money… When people become addicted to gambling – it is a regular part of their lives – this is a problem. When the spending gets out of control and hurts the family, this is a problem. But I have a hard time seeing the occasional purchase of a scratcher, just for the thrill of having that small chance of beating the odds, as wrong in itself.

Finally, I agree that we do have to be careful as Christians not to judge others.

I’m totally with you, Brody, on the frustration of having to take time out of your schedule to wait for “that guy” to scratch his tickets; that’s just rude. The cashier should have stepped up in this case, and asked him to move aside so he/she could help you.

Funny post! Good discussion.

Comment by Annie

Shawn: This was just one “for instance” of many. And my dad is a Spotlight 29 guy…We actually went to a concert there about a month ago and “since the traffic was bad” when it was over, he gave me a hundred bucks to play…first time I ever gambled. All I could think as I saw the money disappear was “I could really use this hundred bucks for bills.” Then I started to win, ended up with about two hundred bucks, which means I broke even. However, while I was winning the money back I definitely understood how people get addicted, and I think “that guy” is referring to the addict who would play while their kids wander around with no shoes on. Gambling is like drinking…is it wrong to drink beer, etc…? No…but remember that a fruit of the spirit is self control. If you arrive at a place where it controls you, then it is wrong…this goes for anything in our lives (drinking, TV, sex, work, gambling, etc…pick your poison). Not to put words in his mouth, (and Brody, please correct me if I am wrong) but I am pretty sure Brody was saying that people should not purposefully live their lives at the expense of others (in Brody’s case, at the expense of their kids well being, and and his time).
Oh, by the way, thanks for not charging me…I would have had to go buy myself a few scratchers in hopes of being able to afford your services.

Comment by livngfragrance

I greatly appreciate the fact you understand sarcasm and appreciate humor.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

I love playing the lotto because for the briefest of moments, I feel like I could get really rich. I like that feeling. I’m gonna chase that feeling.

Comment by Seth Ward

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