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My Friend Michael
September 19, 2007, 8:37 am
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My friend Michael Farren came over last night to play some music and try to write a few songs. Kristin was out at a movie and the boys were in bed, so we had the bonus room to ourselves. We ended up focusing on one song for about three hours, but finished the guts of the entire thing.

Michael is the singer of the band Pocket Full Of Rocks and an amazing songwriter. He’s even a pretty decent ear of corn.

Michael is a good friend and encourager. I don’t think I have ever heard him say a negative thing. He’s a very talented musician and even has a blog.

Make sure you drop by and tell him hello.


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See it’s having friends aound like him that prove you need friends like me. By the way I gave you props on my blog.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

We all need those people in our lives…good stuff.

Not so random side note: The Idea of a “Bonus Room” has always bugged me…nothing personal.

Comment by livngfragrance

Would it make you feel better if I called it “my office / play room / music room / recording room / guest room / kids craft room”.

Does that make it better?

Comment by brodyharper

…by the way… I need to mention that I am a little disappointed in the number of you that have actually gone over and said “hi” to Michael….

Two?! seriously? Come on people.

Comment by brodyharper

What, us “two” weren’t cool enough to represent the “online social circle” you travel in rock star?

Comment by Shawn Bashor


Comment by brodyharper

That right there is what I am talking about. You seriously just brought a tear to my eye because I am laughing so hard.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

I happened across a blog about gardening and it had one of those “most recent visitor” things on the side…..wow…to my suprise…YOU were a most recent visitor. Do you have a garden?

Comment by Scott

Awwwwe Shux, you had me there with that whole “ear of corn” bit.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Brody has a blog!

Comment by anne jackson

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