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What’s Wrong With Me?
September 22, 2007, 11:52 am
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Every once in a while I think about something that I have purchased and I have no idea why I did it.

The other night while Shaun and I were driving from Dallas to Nashville, we stopped at a truck stop for gas. Due to the weather change, and my constant wearing of flip-flops, my feet have been abnormally dry lately. After driving for several hours, around one in the morning, with the air conditioning blowing on my bare feet, they began to hurt and crack. I walked into the truck stop and bought a bottled water, a Powerbar and walked to the counter.

I realized that I had thought about getting some sort of lotion to put on my feet before we stopped, but had forgotten to look for it while I was getting my other items. I looked at the end of the counter and saw this. “Udderly Smooth Udder Cream”.

“That will work, and it’s only a dollar.”, I think.

Now I have this tube of udder cream.

And the troubling part to me is not that I now own a tube of udder cream. The troubling part to me is that I actually purchased “Udderly Smooth Udder Cream” from a truck stop in Arkansas. And not only that, I purchased “Udderly Smooth Udder Cream” from a truck stop in Arkansas for a dollar… off the counter… of a truck stop in Arkansas.

What’s wrong with me? And why is Udderly Smooth Udder Cream for sale on the counter for a dollar at a truck stop in Arkansas?


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Perhaps, because they know there will be people like you who will say “That’s exactly what I need! And .. It’s only a dollar!!”
And, perhaps, because it didn’t sell too well in the boutique shops for $25. Hah.

Comment by Alymc

I will try and keep my feisty, Arkansas born and raised wife from reading this…you only live a block away ya’ know…and I am limited on how much I can protect you…

Comment by Michael

I am sure they thought nothing off it considering the dainty man sitting in your car. I bet they just thought “man this pitcher is considerate…”

shouldn’t ask questions like this
“And why is Udderly Smooth Udder Cream for sale on the counter for a dollar at a truck stop in Arkansas?”
if you don’t want answers.

And wow “utter cream,” were you really tired? To it’s credit your feet won’t feel chapped…man that is awesome.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

you are sick.

Comment by aaronivey.com

I’ve used udder balm on my lips for years. I would have never known about it, but my wife is a California country-girl (I know, that seems like an odd thing to be) who had a little jar of the stuff and said it works great, and she’s right.

It probably actually does have the same “active ingredients” as most of the really pricey super-fancy uptown prissy-people products. Just sold in bulk for a different purpose.

My wife says that it would be a really serious problem if your dairy cows developed dry, cracking, or irritated udders during the constant milking, so it requires a very effective product which can be purchased cheaply in bulk.

Eventually, things like that get discovered and are then marketed as human-care products, and that’s probably what you saw. I knew a girl in California who swore by that horse-mane shampoo stuff, and she had really long hair that looked great.

Ya just never know, I reckon.

Comment by Chaotic Hammer

thats disturbing on so many levels… did it help your feet though?

Comment by conzo

haha my mom uses that on her feet! she heard about it from a family friend that sells cow semen for a living… :/

Comment by kacie

I think Kacie’s comment is more disturbing than “udderly smooth.”

Comment by Kyle

Some nursing mothers use that for…well…use your imagination. Are there many lactating over-the-road drivers?

Comment by Scott

haha…so did u ever end up using that smooth stuff at all? anyways how is the life on the road going? written anything new yet…if ya got some time email me back(ez_is_me@hotmail.com)…God bless-evan zig

Comment by evan zig

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