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The Ride Back To Beersheba
October 2, 2007, 11:46 am
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ice-cream.jpgThen Abraham tied Issac up and laid him on the alter over the wood. And Abraham took the knife and lifted it up to kill his son as a sacrifice to the Lord. At that moment the angel of the Lord shouted to him from Heaven, “Abraham! Lay down the knife”… Then they returned to Beersheba. – Genesis 2:2

How about some ice cream, Isaac? No? Are you sure? I’ll tell you what, I’ll get us some ice cream Want some ice cream? I’ll get us some ice cream.

Wow, there’s nothing like camping! Cooking your own lamb, building your own prye… and no women! Just a couple of guys in the woods, lighting fires, doing stuff and keeping it between themselves! Speaking of which, do you ever notice how your mother sometimes gets ideas? I mean, she raised you and I love her, but she’s a very nervous person. All I’m saying is sometimes it’s alright not to tell her about certain things. Like guy things.

Wow, I just noticed that you have huge muscles! You’re really getting strong! When did you get so big and strong? Soon you’ll be a real strong guy!

Let me explain something to you. Sometimes grownups have to do grownup stuff that children don’t understand. I think there’s an ice cream place coming up. Like, what happened on top of the mountain? Do you remember? Of corse you… of corse. Anyway, that was a thing for grownups.

How about some Rocky Road? Chocolate? I’d get you some strawberry, but hey, your name’s Isaac not Isaac Marie right? Ha! Seriously though, if you want strawberry I’ll get it for you. I’ll get you whatever you want.

So let’s rehearse. I’ll be your mother. “Isaac, how was your trip up the mountain?” Okay, then you would say something like, “Pretty normal.” That’s not too hard right?

We’re almost home. Listen, I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but your mother is very sick. She’s sick Isaac. And the slightest shock might kill her. Hey there she is, waving at us. Hi, Sarah, we’re back! Put a couple lambs on the spit – you’ve got a couple hungry lumberjacks on your hands. Ha ha. She’s very ill Isaac. Very ill. Wow, camping.

Ant Farm by Simon Rich

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Dude all I can do is laugh, that is great, nice find.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

At least someone on here thinks this is funny. I was beginning to think my sense of humor was lost on you people.

Comment by brodyharper

Most of your readers, minus a couple of your neighbors and myself, are chicks. Chicks (I know this will sound pigish but…) jusr don’t get that kind of humor.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

You mean, “most of my commenters”.

Comment by brodyharper

I agree,that applies to your commenters as well.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Well, this “chick” gets it and it’s hilarious! Having said that, don’t call me chick ever again!


Comment by Beth

Oh, that’s brilliant! I’ve read it three times now and I laugh harder each time.

(Honestly, I thought you wrote it until I got to the credit at the end.)

Comment by Kat

Are you one of them angry chicks?
Sincerely, Dude

Comment by Shawn Bashor


Comment by becky

Hey Shawn…..why are trying to make all of us girls/ladies look dumb…???? Just kidding, I am sure you realize we are just as smart and just as easily amused as the tough manly types….lol….I thought it was a very funny story also….especially since I have been going through a study on women of the Bible. Ice cream….such bribery….I know, I have used it on my kids !!! oh the stories sugar can hush up….scary….lol.

btw….I was being sarcastic Shawn….

Comment by Kim B.

Kim B,
You are one of those ladies I wish could follow me on every comment I leave to sweep up the mess. Unfortunantly my sarcasm does not play off well with some ladies…not sure if that helps make my original point or not, but anyway yeah, I am actually the farthest thing for a pig considering I love how the Bible says in the kingdom of god there will be neither gentile nor jew, nor slave or free man, nor male or female. Hmmmm interesting, girl power it up all you want now, because I have a feeling it is as useless as my sarcasm in the future.
Peace and love my sisters, Shawn

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Mr. Shawn Bashor,
I am honored to be thought of one that could actually sweep up after you….on messy comments that is !!!!! I am so not the liberal….so no prob not remaining superior or inferior in Heaven. (depending on others liberal or conservative views…lol.) gosh….I realize that in Heaven everything will be perfect…..but, I can not imagine you Not being able to use your sarcasm amongst the multitude….so, Maybe there will be lots of ice cream…uhhh you know, to keep us on the right track !!!! ( although I think that is just in Brodys version of things….lol.)
Peace to you too Shawn….and everyone else !!
Kim B.

Comment by Kim B.

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