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New Orleans Tidbits
October 3, 2007, 8:57 am
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dsc_0013.JPGPhil and I flew into New Orleans late last night and got a cab to our hotel at about 11.

Shortly after that we realized that neither of us had eaten dinner so we decided to walk through downtown New Orleans to find some food. Our hotel is less than two blocks from where the show is tonight so we walked by that just as the Foo Fighters were finishing up their show and getting on their busses. Behind one of their busses was a pizza place that looked decent so we did that. After that Phil and I went over a few things to get ready for the show and went to bed. Pretty exciting so far huh?

Phil does have a sweet mustache though.

It’s always a little weird sharing a room with someone new for the first time. Especially when they play air guitar. Old habits have to change, things are laid out differently and the little details go away . I have now, found myself with the bed closest to the bathroom which weirds me out. Maybe that’s why I didn’t sleep well.

Upon Brian, and Jeff’s recommendation I bought “Long Way Round” the other day and started it on the plane last night. It’s pretty entertaining and I am excited to work my way through it. It’s great so far.

Other than that, not much here. We will be heading over to the venue shortly, and get going from there. Until then…


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air guitar is cool.

Comment by aaronivey.com

Don’t sleep with your foot hanging off the bed if you are the closest to the bathroom. His man hairy leg might rub up against your man hairy foot on his way to the bathroom in the middle of the night while you are sleeping…That’s creapy.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

It’s super weird when you’re near the bathroom and you can hear other people through the vent in the bathroom… that aren’t in your room.

Comment by Alymc

Ahahaha Phil looks funny.
And sort of distracted.
ADD much?

But I can’t deny, he does have a nice mustache.

Comment by Raquel TWG

Have you warned him of your crazy sleep walking and talking? I think he should be warned.

Comment by jessie

I cannot sleep near a bathroom, or eat near a bathroom (my break room at work where we eat lunh is connected to the bathroom, so every time I sit down to eat I have to close the door…needless to say my coworkers think I am a freak). I live in abject fear that the germs are going to attack me from inside of it…can you say OCD (only slightly though)?

Oh…and I just wanted to say (re. yesterday’s blog) that you and your family will be in my prayers…and YAY for having the holiday’s off!

Comment by livngfragrance

PS…did you ever read my second comment about the corn?…because I do not want you to think I am some kind of a jerk who goes around seemingly making fun of people.

Comment by livngfragrance

No Molly,
That “jerk who goes around seemingly making fun of people,” would be me…and I don’t like it much about myself.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

LF – yeah I saw that second comment… clever.

Comment by brodyharper

It’s okay, Shawn. At least you know that, and you stop when people get seriously aggravated. Most of the time.

Comment by Raquel TWG

Well Shawn, we all have our faults now don’t we? ut it’s ok…I will refrain from compiling any lists.

And Brody…what a relief…now I can sleep soundly (fortunately, my bathroom is down the hall and around the corner…and I do not have to deal with hairy man legs).

Comment by livngfragrance

Please tell Phil to shave the mustache…..uhg…it is sooooo late 80’s….and fashion minded peeps know we are only reliving the early 80’s right now….lol….like anyone would want to do that!!??

Comment by Kim B.

you weren’t at KSBJ studios last night were you? i didn’t recognize you if you were. i am guessing you’ll be at the Berry Center on saturday though. it will be cool to meet you!

Comment by brittneyfoster

the mustache is cute!…
and its so in style.

Comment by hehe

ACK I wish I could meet you both.
Can you like tie Phil up or something and convince him to drive a very short uhhh 250 miles down to Miami before or after you got to Orlando on the 15th of November (:

Comment by Raquel TWG

I don’t see that happening… who’s going to tie me up and convince me?

Comment by brodyharper

I’d do it but I’m too lazy.
AND I can’t drive yet.
I’m just looking for a way to get Phil down here or I won’t see him in concert until I take this road trip I’m planning but I’m scared I’ll get sick of him by then. Nah not really.

But I just want to go to a concert of his soon.
I’ve give ya like 100 bucks if you convince him to go to Miami next year. I promise. And yes I do have more than 100 dollars on me now and will have over 100 dollars next year.

Comment by Raquel TWG

Brody I am sure there is some huge hairy guy named “Bubba” that lives in the Orlando area who would love to tie you up.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

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