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New Orleans
October 3, 2007, 6:10 pm
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hob.jpgWe just finished sound check and everything seemed to go smoothly. Phil and I have been hanging out taking a bunch of pictures and making sure everything is in it’s place. Which basically means keeping our junk out of every ones else’s way. I am running a few tracks from side stage for Phil’s set, which is fun to be a little more involved. They did a great job making tracks that fit well with the songs.

New Orleans is a pretty amazing town. It’s got a really cool vibe, but in a creepy way. Part of me wants to walk around a little after Phil’s set, but the other part of me is eager to catch Crowders set. Not like I won’t have time to see it again though.

I think it will be cool to be in all of these different House Of Blues venues for this tour. There is so much history and the vibe that every room creates is awesome. Other than that, it’s been a pretty mellow day. I haven’t heard of any tragedies yet, and everyone seems to be getting along. The Myriad guys are all really cool and it will be fun to share a bus with them.

Oh yeah… and we hung out with this guy a little. He was actually off the bus.


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those are cool pictures!

I’m glad you are doing good.

Comment by Kddub

Thanks for taking the time to share in all your busyness! And I like the pictures as well…it probably helps to have a sweet camera huh!?

Comment by Alymc

So does David not get off the bus much?

Comment by Shawn Bashor


We look forward to seeing you, Phil and DCB here in H-town on saturday.

BTW – be careful in new orleans! a friend got mugged there a couple of weeks ago, so don’t walk around by yourself.

Comment by Dew

Also, just curious, is Phil playing by himself or will he have a band backing him?

Comment by Dew

Phil’s just playing by himself.

Comment by brodyharper

not to be confused by the word “with.”

Comment by Shawn Bashor


Comment by Kim B.

Hi, Brody. I think I may have met you at one point or another when I lived in Nashville for the summer. I see you around Shaun and Phil’s blogs (that sounds weird) and always wondered if I’d met you. I was a regular Ikonite (God rest its soul) and went to TPC and all that. Do you attend TPC?

Anyhow, sounds like you guys are off to a great start on the road. I’m stoked for the show in a few weeks here. And that reminds me…I have to get my tickets. I heard they’re down to a few hundred left.

Take care, and don’t stay up too late with those crazy boys. 🙂

Comment by Rachel

I doubt we have met. We haven’t been in Nashville that long, and I have been in Nashville on weekends even less.

Thanks for stopping in though.

Comment by brodyharper

Got it. My friend Sarah manages for Family Force 5 (and others), and she’s gone a lot too. It’s a traveling living, for sure.

Sounds like you’re having a pretty good time, though. I aspire to travel with a band for a season sometime, even though journalism is my profession, my other passion is music. It’s a “maybe someday” premise right now.

Adios, Brody. Thanks for responding.

Comment by Rachel

Hey….what happened to the other comments from Shawn, Raquel and myself….????? You aren’t upset over our silliness are you Brody???? If you are..it is all Shawns fault…lol…sorry Shawn, I don’t like confrontation…..hehehe.

Comment by kimmyb

Psh why did you have to go and delete our wonderful comments?
I bet it’s because they were about Kim, and not him.
Envy is not good.

Comment by Raquel TWG

ROFL !!! Raquel is learning to be sarcastic !!!

Comment by kimmyb

Ha I’m constantly sarcastic but it’s hard to have a sarcastic tone when you’re typing. I’m much more sarcastic in person (:
And I still wanna know why those comments aren’t there.

Comment by Raquel TWG

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