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Rental Cars And Plastic Stars
October 13, 2007, 1:40 pm
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mannequin-hire.gifWelcome to Hollywood.

Tonight we are at the Wiltern Theatre in Hollywood. From the looks of it, it’s got some history to it. I have heard about this place but never been here. Walking around this morning and grabbing some Starbucks, I could tell I was still in Southern California.

There is something that really drives me crazy about this area. I don’t think I fit in well here. And the funny thing is, I don’t really want to. Everyone seems to have something to prove to someone. Whether it’s the rented sports car they are driving, the designer clothes they borrowed, or the altered bodies. I have none of those things. Everyone is in a rush, and annoyed that I exist. It’s okay though. To them, I don’t exist.

We are just getting ready to load in and start setting up for tonight. Phil stayed in San Diego last night and is driving up later. Last nights show went great. It was the smallest show so far selling out at only nine hundred people. Lot’s of Phil’s friends and family were there, along with some label folks. It was a lot of running around but turned out great.

Tonight should be fun too. I will let you know…

Here In L.A. – Roy Joseph
LA, LA is a costume party where the headlines print on Sunset strip marques
LA is a walk like that and a talk like this that’s close to home
But not close to where the heart is
LA, where you can sell your soul to some filmic fixture
They’ll call you back if someone likes your pictures
LA, all the hippest records playing, slate your name
But no one ever hears a word you’re saying

Here in LA, everybody’s got some deal cooking
Out here in LA, everybody seems to know someone
Out here in LA we’re all trying to be so good looking
LA, where there’s always sunshine

LA, it’s the parking spot that I’m waiting for
Just down the block, you’d better watch you back you’d better lock your door
LA is drive-bys and earthquake danger, loneliness shared by ten million strangers
LA is late-night rock and roll, where pocket thieves and cigarettes can steal your soul
LA where everybody’s driving rental cars but that’s ok we’re all aspiring movie-stars

That fame might find you so the fortune-tellers say
Your dreams might haunt you if you turned and walked away
We want too much for love and I think that’s why we stay
Here in LA

The center of the public eye, but to get somewhere is going to be a freeway drive
LA is banging this old guitar for the late night tips…
Promenade or some smoke free bar
LA this old city clouds my vision, I can’t tell if it’s the air or just indecision


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Remember when you lived in Whittier. I think just about everyone you would possible hang out with lived in that house, or in the back of their truck. Or the Garage.

Comment by rlh27

Isn’t there a song about L.A. being “Nashville with a tan?” How does Nashvegas differ? I’ve heard that about L.A. But haven’t hung around Nashville enough to know if its different.

Seriously curious.

Comment by Seth Ward

Randy… yeah that was insane. fourteen guys in one three bedroom house. i bet the smell is still there.

Seth… it’s similar, but at least in Nashville you are still in the South. “Get the hell out of my way, is followed with “God bless you” out there.

Comment by brodyharper

That is the reason California is the granola state, it is “the land of fruits and nutts and the ones that are not fruits and nutts are flakes.”

Comment by Shawn Bashor

That is why I don’t really have much of a desire to go visit LA.

And,Nice Shawn .. where’d you get that from?

Comment by alymc

Hi Brody, correct! Amazingly, each time I apply to a school in LA, it appears God either places me in SB or OC county…Hope you are feeling even better now. In addition, thank you so very much…in fact, thank God for the updates! Best to you, family and folks on the road with you.

Comment by Kelly

Is that 80’s nudist colony Ken & Barbie? I guess you did a little more sightseeing in Palm Springs than you cared to remember. Yeah…LA is pretty yucky, especially in the general area of the Wiltern since it is not as geared toward tourists as, say, Hollywood Blvd (it is a sweet venue though). I hope you found some form of redemptive quality here…like fresh air. Thanks for hanging and being so nice.

Comment by Molly Ranae

Aly I got that saying from a sargeant of mine while I was in the Army, who did not grow up in California, unlike myself who did.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

HEY….I love SoCal !!!!! Of course L.A. is pretty crummy in parts….and then the nice parts are full of fake peeps….but, the majority of SoCal is nice!!!!!! Geez…it has some of the nicest beaches around!!!!!! Of course Shawn and I are from San Bernardino…woot!!! Anyways….I miss it a lot!!!!! but, hey a 6 hour drive aint too bad!!!! lol….

Comment by kimmyb

Kim, is the 6 hour drive you are talking about from Ontario to Hollywood on I-10 during rush hour(s)?

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Can you change the picture? It is starting to cause me to stumble?

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Shawn…..ya, the 10 Fwy. is pretty bad….haha…and is there ever a none rush hour in SoCal anymore???? It used to be vacant late at night on the freeways….now it is bumper to bumper…where is everyone going always????

Comment by kimmyb

….and Shawn…you are gonna get in trouble and get your comment kicked if you start talking about how much you are logging in to look at the anatomically correct dolls !!!

Comment by kimmyb

Anatomically correct? Are you kidding me? you are married with kids, I am sure you are well aware of what anatomical correctnesses are missing here.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Hahahahaha !!!! I know Shawn…I was using some of that sarcastic wit of mine….lol !!! But, isn’t the girl dolly pretty….lol….lol….She aint no Barbie….maybe her name is “Butch”….sorry, probably not a nice thing to say….( even if it looks to be true….hehe….Shawn made me say it!!!)

Comment by kimmyb

Kim, you are right she is kind of butch looking, I didn’t notice the swagger she had before either.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Shawn…you crack me up….lol.

Comment by Kim B.

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