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“Way To Go L.A.”
October 14, 2007, 12:59 pm
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Aright L.A., I know I have said some pretty nasty things about you in the past. I know there is something seeded deep inside me that can’t help but hate you, and I know that comes out on this blog frequently. But can you tell me L.A., what’s so hard about making a straight line?

Every night after Phil’s set he heads out to the lobby to shake some hands and sign CD’s. Normally it works out great and people are in a really worshipful mood and are courteous to others around them, waiting their turn to swoon over Phil. Last night was the first night of the tour where I literally almost pulled Phil out of the lobby. What started out a thick line, quickly turned into a half circle that refused to back up, line up, listen to myself or even Phil. Hundreds of “worshipers” pushing each other out of the way for a photo. Countless “I was here first’s”. Several times I would yell out that there needed to be a line to which I was responded to with, “We are in line! I’m in the front of the line so everyone should be behind me!” Then a few hundred people decide to stare at me blankly, as if I wasn’t really talking to them, then slowly reaching around me to grab at Phil’s arm. It was easily the rudest crowd I have been around at any show.

Phil and I try to be out of the lobby before Crowder’s first song ends as to not take away from his set with a bunch of people in the lobby, so I was relieved to hear the music in the other room start. With still about 150 people mobbed around, I stood in front of Phil and said that David’s set had started and we needed to be going, but Phil would be back out after the show. “What?!! We have been waiting this whole time.” one woman said and literally shoved her way around the crowd, pushed me out of the way, and reached for Phil. I stepped in front of her again, and mentioned that I wasn’t kidding about leaving, and she was going to need to wait.

At that moment, if looks could kill I would have been sacrificed by a hundred Jesus followers, who only moments before had there hands up, eyes closed, singing away. After the crowd died down and Crowder was well in to his set, I talked to a security guard and asked how we could make that go smoother after the show. He just started laughing and told me he’d never seen so many “rude, pushy Christians in one place”.

Way to go L.A. you’ve done it again. You’ve taken my disdain for you to another level. Now, before I get a bunch of nasty comments, I will say that there were several people there last night that were polite and courteous. There were those that waited in line almost the entire intermission just to tell Phil how much his music means to them. There are those people. And I appreciate them. Unfortunately, guess what will stick out to me from that night? More importantly guess what will stick out to the number of security guards that were trying to help me?

Tonight is Downtown Disney House of Blues… then we head North.


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I love my fellow christians. Man we do a great job representing the “church.”

I am sure this job may have been easier had you not had some jackass from Florida texting you the whole time either?

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Hahaha, the picture makes the post that much better…

Comment by Blake

I had the same experience at a Joyce Meyer women’s convention recently. Christian women stormed the door and practically ran over each other to get the closest seats.

I like the picture, too.

Comment by Kathy

what’s wrong with that? i’m gonna make sure i get to the Washington DC show and fight my way to the front of the line!

just kidding.

what an awful witness… that bites.

Comment by tp

Goodness Brody,
what a killjoy.
Just Kidding. I hate when people don’t listen.
I’m sure you do all the more.
At least they didn’t smother you in hugs, right?

Comment by Alymc

love it

Comment by batmans brother

Brody on Youtube! Nice!

Comment by Hickman

Christians can be such morons sometimes.

Comment by steven.russell

All you needed to do was tell those chicks (because, let’s face it 95% of the mob were chicks, or their mom’s who wished he was their son-in-law) that he has a girlfriend…or yell “Bomb”…maybe that would do the trick. I am sorry we sucked…and I hope Mickey was more courteous.

Comment by Molly Ranae

PS…Odd…I bear a strong resemblance to the one with the machete.

Comment by Molly Ranae

How pathetic…..omigosh….I can’t believe how selfish They acted !!! Like you said…the worst of it is the lousy witness it was to the security or other workers there. Sorry it was so bad for you guys !!! I mean you take the time to be out there to meet them…and they basically turn on you. I hope they became ashamed after realizing what they had done….but, I wouldn’t hold your breath if I were you….

Comment by kimmyb

Wow and I thought people in Miami were mean.
Actually the people in general are mean but the Christians here are actually really, really nice.
I love going to Christian concerts because it reminds me that there are some pretty decent people in Miami. It sucks that LA natives can’t experience that, apparently. Tell Phil that the Christians in South Florida can make lines. I promise.

Comment by Raquel TWG

mace, pepper spray, or a spray bottle filled with skunk piss would do the job. hahaha….or hire me to be on the road wearing one of phil’s ‘super v-necks’ acting as a security guard. that would get it done.

Comment by www.timetochange.us

I’m also sorry for the treatment you and Phil received. My husband and I were there with some friends and we actually kept commenting to each other how nice everyone was and how wonderful it is to go to Christian concerts. We were in the balcony, however, and didn’t see everyone mob you guys below. But please don’t let the rude 10% or so of Los Angelenos Christians make us all seem bad. Most of us are quite rational…some of the time. Of course, we’re actually not from LA ourselves. We traveled 100 miles and 2 counties to attend, and really came to hear Phil — dc*b was just an awesome bonus. We met Phil a few times “way back when” and we’re so proud and excited for what he’s achieved.

Comment by Heidi

Thanks for visiting us in Sunny California! We hope you enjoyed Beverly Hills….

Comment by Lisa

I agree. I was there, it was bad. The problem, though, is when people idolize people and don’t go to seek the lORD. Sorry for the bad impression, but know that not everyone there was like that. Praise God for you guys!

Your Sister in Christ <

Comment by foreverhisclay

Mr. Harper.
Where’s the love? Don’t be hater.
Jesus is love, acceptance and non-judgemental.
Aren’t Christians supposed to do WJWD…???
Just curious. The equation seems off…

Comment by kirsti

I’m having a hard time telling if you are joking or not. I hope you are but in case you aren’t I will respond.

You want me to tell you what Jesus would do? Jesus would have publicly rebuked every single person out there that walked away from “worshiping” Him, and made a complete asses of themselves over a guy that can sing really well. He would have been embarrassed that all of those people called him their Savior and then acted the way that they did just to get close to Phil.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where we could do whatever we wanted and act however we wanted and when we offend people all we have to say is, “Why don’t you just accept me like Jesus did.”? Wouldn’t that be great?

The bottom line is, yeah, Jesus would have accepted all those people pushing their way to the front of the line to touch or talk to Phil, he would have accepted them and then blasted them for acting like idiots. And honestly if you were one of those people doing that… then shame on you for (A) doing that and (B) coming on here and telling me that I need to be more accepting of people’s obsession for a man.

Those people were a horrible example of Christ to the venue, the security guards and the tour. And if you expect me to just let that slide because that’s “What Jesus Would Do”, you need to read up a little more.

Comment by brodyharper

[…] Remember L.A.? The angry mob? The “rude pushy Christians“? This morning over in the comments of that post I was asked “what Jesus would do” in that situation. I wasn’t asked it in a “Hey Brody, what do you think”, sort of way. I was asked more in a, “Why are you being a “hater”, and not accepting people”, kind of way. […]

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