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Dr. Ish Pendi
October 15, 2007, 6:47 pm
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syringe.jpgSo this lovely sickness hasn’t faded. The late nights, different climates and lack of rest are refusing to let my body recover. Today is day ten feeling this way and when I woke up yesterday my chest felt like it was on fire. I realized that it may be time to find a doctor and see what was going on. After unsuccessfully searching the internet for a Disney doctor or something nearby, I asked the guy in charge at the House of Blues that we were at. He mentioned that there was a “Rock Doc” that they had contracted and gave me his car. Dr. Ish Pendi told me he was in a conference and would be able to meet me at the busses at around 10:00 PM.

Coughing about every thirty seconds, I eagerly awaited the arrival of Dr. Pendi. Still running around getting things ready for the show, feeling worse as the day went on, I couldn’t wait to get some antibiotics. Finally about 9:30 PM the doctor called and said he was waiting at the bus for me so I headed that way to meet him. After a quick look in my ears and throat, and a few deep breaths, he asked how long I had been sick. I told him that it started about nine days ago, but seemed to be getting worse. He immediately told me that I had bronchitis, and if I went another day or two it would be full blown pneumonia. Dr. Pendi said that I needed antibiotics but if I simply took the pills it would take too long to get into my system and with my lack of rest and traveling it may be too late and I would end up in some West Coast emergency room. He told me I needed a shot…. in the butt.

“Whatever will get rid of this”, I told him. So there in the front lounge of the bus, while John from The Myriad ate his dinner and watched T.V., I flipped over and took it like a man. Dr. Pendi gave me a bottle of pill form antibiotics also, and I will take those twice a day.

Today we are in Beverly Hills for an off day and I haven’t gotten off the bus. I am sitting in the back lounge, wrapped in a blanket, with my pillow and a few movies. Pathetic eh? Hopefully in a day of two I will be back to normal.


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dude… glad to hear that you’re gonna be on the up and up now! sounds like it was on the cusp of wiping you out!

“I took it like a man”… bwwahhaawwahhahaaa
(how else are you supposed to take it?)

Comment by pete

Man… bronchitis bites.
I seem to get either that or an upper-respiratory infection every other year. It seriously kills.
I hope the anti b’s start kickin in soon for ya! Hang in there … praying for you.

Comment by alymc

Your life is never uneventful, is it?

Comment by Raquel TWG

A shot in the butt is better than fighting off crazy los angelians…

Hope you get to feeling better.

Comment by Blake

Maybe it’s Avian Bird Flu…

Comment by Shawn Bashor

I’ll be praying for you ^_^

Comment by anon4him


Comment by robin

Can I call ’em or what! Glad you sought medical attention, even if it meant baring the butt. Hope you feel better very soon and the prayers are continuing.


Comment by Beth

It’s Crowder’s catering isn’t it? I bet it’s red meat and partially hydrogenated super saturated preserved artificially colored fully cooked…and yummy.

Comment by Shaun Groves


Comment by Kathy

Glad you are feeling better. Hope you can start having some fun. Sorry we won’t get to see you in SF

Comment by Mike

I had something really funny to say, but absolutely cannot remember what it was…so you’ll have to take my word for it. Instead I’ll just say that I hope you are better very soon, and that you enjoyed (relatively speaking) your somewhat involuntary day of rest.

Ooh…just thought of something kind of funny (not what I was originally going to say…but still noteworthy). When you said you “took it like a man” did you mean that you took it the same way some 95% of the men I know who are big babies and would have gone to the table kicking and screaming?

Comment by Molly Ranae

dude…glad you got the shot.

Comment by aaronivey.com

Brody…..believe me..the shot is way better than pneumonia !!!!! I have had that, and it is the scariest feeling…like suffocation !!! My husband had it so bad one year he was coughing up blood !!!! So, take it from me, the shot is the way to go!!! Good job!!! May the Lord heal you quickly and completely….and drink plenty of water…and take probiotics….cuz Antibiotics wreck your immune system !!! Blessings, Kim

Comment by Kim B.

Brody, glad you are on the road to recovery!

Comment by Kelly

Wow. What an eventful trip so far. 1st the naked shower swap (sometimes involving crazed runners) and now “butt” naked in front of John from the Myriad… all this and only a few weeks in. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the tour holds! Be well!

Comment by Just Matt

dude…no pic?! you post pics of everything…that would have been fricken hilarious! get better…praying for ya….

Comment by Michael

that’s really scary that you almost contracted pneumonia. i have taken the shot a few times before. i used to get strep and tonsilitis all the time. the bad thing was, when i was little, i never told my mom when i was sick. i’ve ended up with scarlet fever a few times. so, it’s a good thing that you caught the bronchitis before it turned into pneumonia. get better soon.

Comment by brittneyfoster

butt shots are not that uncommon…that’s what my dad does for a living…shoots people in the butt, the arm, whatever gets the job done…

Comment by kendra

Ok…. so let me get this correct, you “found” a “Roc Doc” with a name of IshPendi,to meet you at the bus. One who carries around little bottles of “liquid penicillin”, and the needles to administer it, with him,… and you let him give you something… Ok, so when you start developing breasts and your facial hair dissapears where will you go…. Jack in the botox? This is Southern. Califonia dude. Too funny, I hope you feel better soon.

Comment by AS

Did this Dr. Pendi give you antibiotics that were large blue oblong tablets? He came to my hotel room, gave me the same shot and antib’s and I now have a secondary disease from them. Suffering for over 3 months.

Comment by Sam

[…] Secondary Disease?! December 30, 2007, 9:35 am Filed under: Uncategorized Remember Dr. Ish Pendi? Most of you weren’t around when I blogged about him, but he was the “Rock Doc” […]

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