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Seattle’s Most Famous Balcony
October 20, 2007, 5:37 pm
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Remember this song? More importantly, remember the video? And the theatre and the balcony that Eddie Vedder jumps off of at the end? Tonight we are here. The balcony is closed off to the public so that is where I will be watching the show from.

Pictures will follow.


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I just wanted to be the first to comment on your soooooo special blog.

Comment by Levi

balconies seem to be a common theme for you on this tour, don’t they?

Comment by Kddub

I must admit, I remember neither the song nor the video. I must be too young or too old.

Comment by anon4him

Ah, the memories of my angst-ridden late teens and early twenties.

Comment by fivecentstand

Seattle’s Legacy……Coffee, the Space Needle and Garage bands….a.k.a. Grunge !!!!

Comment by kimmyb

Thanks for reminding me of my long time love affair with Eddie Vedder. This video started it all.

Comment by Julie

So did you hang off the balcony in the middle of Crowder’s set?

Comment by Shawn Bashor

bro…just dont attempt the jump…we’d like you home in one piece…

Comment by Michael

Totally unrelated but I had to tell you that Alex and I saw Switchfoot, Reliant K and Ruth in concert last night. Very awesome show! Tell Blue thanks for recommending “Oh, Gravity” to me.


Comment by Beth

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