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Colorado Springs
October 24, 2007, 1:42 pm
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87-32.jpgPhil and I ventured away from the tour for a day and flew from Boise to Denver to meet with some folks at Brio Magazine and Focus On The Family. Hopefully Phil will be able to get the hot cover of Brio some time in the future and join his place in history like Zack and Johnny Depp and other teen heart-throbs of their day. We can only hope.

After the brief meeting at the Focus On The Family buildings we hopped up the freeway to the Compassion International building for a quick tour and talk with some of the employees there. I had been there once before recently with Shaun so it was cool to run in to several of the folks that I had already met. It was cool to walk around, learn a little more, and hopefully see something that Phil might be involved with in the future. It is pretty amazing walking into that building and being greeted with so many smiling faces and people who seem to truly love their jobs.

Now we are sitting at an Atlanta Bread Co. outside of Denver waiting to head back to the airport to return the rental car and catch a ride with Brian, who is coming out from Nashville for the show. The weather here is amazing. It’s crisp and clear, with hints of snow on the ground. I think the climate changes are messing with me a little, as now, my hands are drying out, and I have to use lotion which I hate to do. It makes it unbelievably hard to open my Kiwi Berry All Natural Nantucket Nectar bottle.

Tonight is the Fillmore here in Denver, and if it’s anything like last weeks Fillmore it is sure to be a pretty amazing night.

Make sure you send a prayer out for Phil’s family and houses and all the other families in Southern California right now. Those fires are pretty intense and aren’t showing sign of slowing down.

One more thing… my amazing, hot wife and a group of others have started a new website called “Inspired To Action” that launched today. Kristin is involved in a few different sections of the site, but I would encourage everyone to head over there and get involved. Some great things are to come from it, I’m sure.


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Not sure what to say when you use lotion and Kiwi Berry All Natural Nantucket Nectar in the same sentence. I had the perception of you that you were kind of a guys guy, one that would go air boating and want to touch alligators, not complain about fru fru drinks and lotion…

Comment by Shawn Bashor

A guys guy? Seriously?

Comment by brodyharper

I thought…maybe I was wrong. You haven’t started wearing tight pants yet have you? I mean I am looking forward to hanging out with you and everything, but I don’t want to have to worry about you breaking a nail.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

Slowly but surely he is turning over to the dark side (starting with the v-necks you promised to buy him).

Why is it that guys think using lotion shows a lack of masculinity?

Comment by Molly Ranae

dude…i just ran across that blog actually. someone had told me about it. that’s really great!

Comment by aaronivey.com

You are right Molly…..guys, use the lotion…please!!! Girls hate the dry, cracked hands on guys. That doesn’t mean you have to go overboard and get a manicure and clear coat your nails…eeeww!!!

The tight pants and v-necks should be used with caution….If you’ve hit 30….don’t wear them….unless you are really sure you can pull it off!!!! ( and, no Shawn, I don’t mean being able to pull “them off” !!!…lol.)

Fru Fru drinks !!!! lol…..my husband is pretty much a “mans man”…but, whenever we go out……he orders a strawberry lemonade every time!!!! On Sunday at Chili’s I had the waitress put decorative fruit on top of it….just for a laugh…I’m fun like that!!!!! lol.

Comment by kimmyb

We partitipated in a joint garage sale last weekend at my parents’ house. My dad had a few boxes of my old, OLD stuff for me to go through, and I found a stack of “Bop,” “SuperTeen,” and “Teen” mags that are in amazingly good condition. Covered with pics of Johnny Depp, New Kids on the Block, River Phoenix, Chad Allen, etc… I’m definitely keeping them. They’ll be worth something some day; I know it. ha!

Comment by Annie

Kim is a wise woman…listen to her! I am in a ballroom dancing class, and the guy who is the best dancer has the most awfully dry hands, so no one likes to dance with him (we do it anyway because guys are slim pickins in there since most guys also think dancing shows a lack of masculinity). As far as the mani/pedicure issue…get one done and tell me you do not like it…that does not mean you have to have your nails painted (because that would lean toward the feminine side).

Question…is there any particular reason you chose that magazine cover? Just curious.

Comment by Molly Ranae

Well yes of there is a reason.
You were obsessed Kirk Cameron weren’t you?!
And lotion is great. Just make sure it’s not a women’s lotion that smell like Banana Berry, Pineapple Mango, Tropical Delight.
Or any dirty names like those on the Victoria’s Secret products. Frankly, that would pretty creepy.

Comment by Raquel TWG

So many typos, so little time.
of course there is a reason*
lotion that smells like*

Comment by Raquel TWG

Thanks Molly !!! Sometimes we just have to tell the guys the way it is…lol. I seriously am teaching my son these little things. Always have fresh breath, always wear deodorant, use chapstick, keep your complexion as clear as you can…thru any means possible, nails clean and soft hands….and NO uni-brow…..He probably thinks I am crazy…but, his future wife will be happy he listened !!! By the way..he is 17 and we are teaching our kids to be set apart from dating….and instead to pray for the direction of the Holy Spirit in a spouse. He goes out in groups…but, has remained faithful to not paring up with anyone. A lot of people don’t understand it….but, we have seen to many Christians fall or be hurt by multiple break ups. When the kids were young I read the book “I Kissed dating goodbye” it was fantastic. Anyways….sorry…went off on a blog of my own…lol. I know Shawn…post one on my site….lol!!!!!

Comment by kimmyb

Your welcome Kim…sounds like, thanks to your oh so wise counsel, your son has a lot going for him (hopefully, five/ten/etc years from now he will not have to say “I should have listened to my mother”). I read that book many moons ago (wow…it has been about ten years now that I think about it)…I also read the sequel “Boy Meets Girl,” equally good, and talks about what it means to have a “successful,” God glorifying relationship.
Oh…and “ditto” on the uni-brow (not to say that looks are everything…but a women might not feel comfortable being seen in public with the missing link).

Comment by Molly Ranae


Comment by batmans brother

Manhattan Kansas today huh, since that is my home town let me throw you some helpful hints. Best coffee, Blue Stem Bistro, Aggieville, close enough to walk from McCain. Also the Dusty Bookshelf is there. There is a Mac store just up the hill in the Student Union. Great Food, The Little Grill, Jamacain, kind of hard to find by the lake. Hibachi Hut, also in Aggieville. Best music store, Ricks Guitar, south of Wal=Mart. Great golf course, Colbert Hills. Hope you have fun, I am looking forward to getting to hear some great music and donating some socks and towels.
Shari Brown

Comment by tunz4jesus

so did you you obey the dress code that is sent to all visitors that are visiting the Focus On The Family offices? pretty crazy…no jeans, no shirts without buttons or collars, no tennis shoes…

Comment by Michael

hey. welcome to the little apple. i saw you outside the busses as i was going in to practice at mccain. you were on the phone. i would have thought it awkward to say “hello, my name is ben, i read your blog, i hope your family is well, welcome to kansas”..so thats why i’m saying it here. hope all goes well, and i’m looking forward to the show and the towels and socks tonight.

Comment by ben macgill

thanks for the welcome, ben. come find me again. I will be the one probably on the phone again…

Comment by brodyharper

[…] Petit wrote an interesting post today on Colorado SpringsHere’s a quick […]

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