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Manhattan, Kansas
October 25, 2007, 4:54 pm
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Today we are at Kansas State University. I am sitting three floors down from the auditorium, listening to the new Radiohead album, which, by the way is amazing. Not much to write about today yet. I was on the bus returning emails for a few hours and other than that haven’t done much.

We had a few hospital runs this morning. Tommy, the tour merch guy came back reporting that within the next twenty-four hours he will pass a kidney stone. I’m sure he’s excited to focus on that for the next day. Also, Toni, David’s wife, hit her hand on a part of the bus and possibly broke her hand, but after further inspection it’s just some messed up tendons, but hurts no less, I’m sure.

I brought two pairs of shoes on this tour and one of the pairs is starting to smell pretty bad. If it weren’t that I were sharing a bus with eleven other rotten smelling guys I might get kicked off the bus.

Two more days and I see my family. Time to go see some Kansas.


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i will see you tomarrow!!! i read your blog alot…i saw you once with shaun but dident say hi…if i am not shy tomarrow i might say hi:) yay that you get to see your family in two days! it must be hard to be away from them for so long!!
everyone is in my prayers!!
God Bless,

Comment by Rachel

Haha… Yep… Alyssa was going to ask if that picture was real … oh, wow.

Comment by alymc

oh the ol’ bus smell…nothing like living in a metal box that recirculates the smell of 14 men for 30 days straight.

Comment by www.timetochange.us


Got to hang out with a friend of yours tonight. Cory. I worked the Compassion table with him tonight at the MercyMe concert. He’s a great guy and he told me to tell you hello.


Comment by Beth

Awesome concert, I really like Phil’s vocals. I would love to hear him and Shane and Shane harmonize. Or JJ Heller. I would have stopped and said hi tonight but I read your earlier post on “The Awkward silence.” Just kidding! So glad you get to see your family soon, have a blessed tour,

Comment by tunz4jesus

hey. it was good to meet you. hopefully kansas was good to you. glad to hear that you see your family soon. have a great night.

Comment by ben macgill

Febreze works wonders…

Comment by Molly Ranae

That photo…is that legit? It looks somewhat unbelievable. I’m conflicted! Help.

Comment by Rachel

Great to meet you Ben. Thanks for coming up and saying hi.

Comment by brodyharper

Oh my that word, legit.
I love that word because it sounds cool but it’s funny because legit is not legit itself. It is slang for legitimate which is the proper term.
I was talking about this with my evil English teacher. But I’m supposed to be talking about Kansas, right?

Uh did you eat some corn there?

Comment by Raquel TWG

what do you know..i wasent shy last night..it was nice to meet you brody! yay that you get to see your family today:)

Comment by Rachel

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