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What Would Jesus Do?
October 26, 2007, 12:26 pm
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Remember L.A.? The angry mob? The “rude pushy Christians“? This morning over in the comments of that post I was asked “what Jesus would do” in that situation. I wasn’t asked it in a “Hey Brody, what do you think”, sort of way. I was asked more in a, “Why are you being a “hater”, and not accepting people”, kind of way.

The more I think about it the more I am wondering, “What would Jesus have done in that situation.” I think he would have laid the smack down a lot harder than I did here on this blog only read by a few hundred people. Maybe he would have been embarrassed by the way people we acting and called the whole thing off. But one thing I know for sure is that he would not have tolerated the way those people were acting, and just accepted them falling all over themselves for the acceptance of a man. I think he would have said something far more clever than I could ever come up with to make half of that room feel like complete idiots for acting the way they were…. but I could be wrong.

So for those of you that were there, and those of you that read my interpretation of what it was like there, I ask you. What do you think Jesus would do in that situation? How would he respond to a completely chaotic environment setting a bad example in His name?


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Lay the smackdown.

Comment by portorikan

Jesus would do what he did in the marketplace… PERIOD. Thanks for being an honest Christian. I’m tired of hearing excuses… too much compromising in the church these days… eh?

I enjoy your blog brother man… take care!

Comment by Josh

I heard someone once explain how some of us Christians have flipped the faith of Jesus and the early church here in the modern age. We get upset when Christians criticize Christians for acting in a way Jesus wouldn’t. And then we go criticize those who aren’t Christian.

Jesus, this person explained, had harsh words for Yaweh followers because Yaweh followers know better and are enabled by God to be and act better. Jesus did not, on the other hand, have the same criticism for those who didn’t follow Yaweh. Why would he criticize those who don’t claim to know God’s way and aren’t enabled by God to live God’s way?

But today bashing a slutty pop star or a corrupt politician or a theme park who employees homosexuals is applauded as the duty of the Christian. it’s out job to tell those who aren’t believers in Jesus that they’d better stop pissing him off. All the while we get very ticked off if a Christian calls another Christian on their mistakes…no matter how humorously or kindly.


Not saying you were or weren’t right. Don’t know. But the whole thing makes me think about how I hate being told I’m wrong by a Christian and love looking down on non-Christians for their mistakes.

Comment by Shaun Groves

I commented before about the women at the recent Joyce Meyer convention practically trampling each other trying to get the best seats when the doors opened. I wasn’t a big Joyce Meyer fan, just went with a friend so she wouldn’t have to go alone. What I DIDN’T say was that she soundly rebuked them for it, even used the word “rebuke,” not sugarcoating it a bit. She won my respect for it.

Comment by Kathy

What Shaun said is absolutely true. We have been conditioned into bashing the non-believer…which Jesus would never have done. And we allow fellow believers to walk in the arrogant, sinful ways… are we afraid of their opinion of us, or that it will cause division…Jesus never backed down from telling the truth. He loves the sinner and saint alike…but, he doesn’t mince woods in His correction of the saints. ( in other words….they should know better!!)

Comment by kimmyb


Comment by brittneyfoster

I agree. I’ve never been looked upon or chastised more harshly than when I brought to light a blatant lie told by a former pastor. You’d have thought I was pointing the finger at God Himself. We are called to judge our fellow believers and not doing so is one thing that’s bringing down the church all over America.


Comment by Beth

we should all ask the question:
“what would george do?”

Comment by www.timetochange.us

probably punch ’em in the ovaries.

Comment by jeff

you did the right thing

Comment by robin

whoops, I didn’t mean to make that whole thing a link… and it’s also supposed to say “this sheep could take you in a staring contest.”

Comment by anon4him

From someone who was there…

If Jesus had walked into the foyer I do not believe He would have had to say anything. Remember when you were a kid, and you did something wrong, and your dad (etc…) walked in on you/found out? He did not have to say a word to you, his mere presence in the room brought to light your faults in regards to the particular situation (remember when Peter denied Christ, Jesus did not have to say a word to him, the rooster crowed according to Jesus’ word and he was filled with conviction). I think, back to LA, if Jesus had walked in on the mob, He would have shot a few bolts of lightening from His eyes, openly rebuked those with wrong motives, encouraged those with the right ones, and left us all challenged (because, let’s face it, who of us in that room is worthy to worship at His feet?).

As for your actions, I could not help but notice you put your body between a mob of “Jesus worshipers,” armed with raging hormones, and Phil, in accordance with your job description (or is that not part of your contract?). You did not blow up at anyone (that I noticed), or throw daggers back…I’d say you did all that you could off the cuff, and cannot personally think of a better way to handle it. If there is, I pray the Lord show you for future reference (which hopefully will not be necessary).

(I was kidding about the lightening.)

Comment by Molly Ranae

Honestly, if people were that excited about talking to Jesus everyday, the church would be so drastically different don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, I love Phil, he is a gifted man, but I think we need to love God just a wee bit more, don’t you think?

Comment by foreverhisclay

We forget that Jesus did not go everywhere, nor did He perform miracles for everybody. Sometimes when in a town, He intentionally canceled the “road show”, basically because the people in the area had proven themselves to be self-absorbed jerks. (See Matthew 11:21 and Mark 8:22-26, and how Jesus would not heal the blind man in Bethsaida but deliberatelty took him out of town and told him not to go back in).

In your case, Brody, I think Jesus would have walked away, and maybe not come back for a long time.

Comment by euphrony

its so fricken sad that its hard to even comment on it…wish you had pics to post of the mob…maybe seeing thier stupidity commented on would give them pause next go around…glad your home bro.

Comment by Michael

He would have gotten in a boat and gone to the other side of the lake…

I was helping with merch at a concert last night and the manager was having a tough time with some of the adoring crowd. one man had the nerve to say – not ask – but say he would only buy a certain large item if the line would be cut off and he and his entourage could step in and have a private photo shoot with the band. he was told that would not be fair to the others or possible. it was really weird.

i agree with what shaun says. things are flipped.

Comment by nancy

I’ve seen mob mentality at concerts before, scary thing. But we don’t even need to see it person, the tabloids/media shows highlight it as a the norm, showcase it as funny/cool/acceptable if you’re within a certain demographic. This is sad, and L.A. sounds like an even sadder demonstration of Christians appropiating behavior of the world. I’m sorry that both you and Phil had to go through that. And Kudos to you for not being swayed. I think you did exactly the right thing, and I think you are asking yourself exactly the right questions.
I said in another forum how Phil was such a wonderful performer b/c he didn’t let himself get in the way of what God is saying through him. He lets himself, and his talent, be used for what God wants it to be used. We need to stop idolizing the man and recognize the true source of his talent as well as the overriding message.

Comment by Jennifer

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