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Long Way Round
November 4, 2007, 12:38 am
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long_way_round.jpgLast night I was able to finally watched the final episode of Long Way Round, the documentary where Ewan McGreggor and his friend Charlie Boorman ride motorcycles around the world from London to New York. I’m not sure why this thing was so intriguing for me, but for some reason I was completely captivated by it. After a recommendation from Brian and Jeff, I picked it up from Borders and was hooked.

There is something very real about watching friends go through some of the hardest possible conditions and come out closer to each other and changed. Phil asked me why I liked it so much and the only thing I could think of was that it’s cool to see some one so successful and well known, completely strip that down and connect with children sleeping on the streets in Mongolia or farmers in Eastern Russia living on what they produce and come back to America realizing how trivial and excessive making million dollar movies is.

No doubt he will continue to make movies but hearing that side of things is fascinating to me. Also watching a friendship between two guys grow through trials and the excitement of success is cool to see. I’m sure I will watch it again with Kristin when I get home.

Make sure to check it out and also check out Long Way Down when you can.


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long way down just started last weekend on BBC2 , 2nd episode screens tonight. Really good stuff so far. We watched Long way round all in one day, it was so addictive, we needed to know what happened next!!

Comment by ally simpson

I was wondering when Long Way Down started – that means it will be a long time before its out on DVD in the States.

Did you know that Ewan went back and adopted a child he met through UNICEF in Mongolia?

Comment by brianseay


That five minutes of the documentary has stuck with me the most. Unbelievably powerful moment. It made me want to adopt a kid from Mongolia. That’s cool he did.

Comment by brodyharper

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