…in case you were wondering.

The View From Here
November 4, 2007, 12:53 am
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Name the city. Extra points if you name the hotel where this was taken from.


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Amazing photo !!! It has an old world feel in the foreground and a futuristic feel in the background….very nice!!!

Comment by kimmyb


Comment by Shawn Bashor

It’s a guessing game. Name the city. Bonus points if you name the hotel. Extra bonus points if you know the floor number.

Comment by brodyharper


Comment by Kendra

Ft. Wayne, Indiana – Motel 6

Comment by brianseay

chicago…hard rock hotel…level 14.

Comment by hehe

Gotham City, 23rd floor of Bain enterprises?

Comment by Shawn Bashor

chicago, sheraton?

Comment by kyle

It seems there is a cheater among us.

Comment by brodyharper

I was gonna guess but, since you alluded to a cheater I assume the correct answer is already posted. 🙂
It may get old hearing this Brody but, man God has really blessed you with an awesome eye. You are quite a photographer. Let me know when your first coffee table book is published ’cause I’m buyin’ it. I’ll have to grab my sister one, too. Since Manhattan she’s become a secret “Brody Blogger” (and she said she’d never read blogs).Ha.
Well, keep hangin’ in there with the crazy busy schedule you and Phil have had. You guys are in my prayers. Hope Phil’s enjoyin’ the Starbucks;0!
God Bless – Melody Ephesians 5:18

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

Amazing picture. Again, for the millionth time, you need to sell these as stock photos somewhere.

How’s the knee?

Comment by Shaun Groves

Here is the real question… can you name which movie had a scene of a car driving out of the parking garage of the circular building you see pictured above and into the Chicago River? Or maybe even name the building closest to our lovely photographer Brody… (No cheating Phil!)

Comment by Flavious

Hey Brody, so what is the right answer??

Comment by Kelly

By the way, I concur with all, nice pic!

Comment by Kelly

Ya.. Definitely NOT Ft. Wayne … I can attest to that.
I’m gonna say Chicago, Hard Rock Hotel, Level 14. 🙂

Comment by alymc

Nice guessin’ “hehe” ;). Whatcha gonna get with your bonus points?
Blessings – Melody M.

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

what are the points for anyways?

Comment by Raquel TWG

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