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New York
November 10, 2007, 4:56 pm
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phil_me.jpgYesterday Phil and John (from the Myriad) walked around a little town outside of Boston, and it turned out that the street we were walking on was the very street that Paul Revere rode through town on yelling “The British are coming.” According to locals though the event was less heroic than our history books have made it out to be. Apparently Mr. Revere got wasted at a local pub and rode through the streets drunk and yelling. That woke everyone up and caused a stir that we read about now.

We were able to go into some amazing old churches and look around. We went into several little shops filled with historic stuff, and even walked through several little neighborhoods. Boston is absolutely a place I could live.

Today we are in New York. I got up and started walking around. We are at the Hammerstein Ballroom tonight, which is easily one of the coolest venues on the tour. Which is saying a lot because every show has been cool. There is a full video crew, with eight cameras setting up right now, and are going to film the entire show. I can’t believe how many people are involved in this one. There are at least fifty people that I have never seen setting up things in the theatre.

Oh yeah and there was another little band that played here and recorded a dvd as well. I wonder how many amazing musicians have been in the same dressing room I am typing this from. That thought blows my mind.

Tonight the busses aren’t leaving until four in the morning so I know it will be a late night in the city. Im excited to walk around some more. This is my fourth or fifth time here, and it always looks so different. Things are changing like crazy and it’s hard to figure out where you are, but it’s kind of fun to get lost.


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I’d like to visit Boston someday. Are the people nice?

Comment by alymc

a nice leisurely trek down the eastern seaboard…

dude, I was so looking forward to seein’ you and the gang in DC, but I ain’t gonna make it. enjoy your time hangin’ out in my neck of the woods and we’ll catch up you some other time.

Comment by tp

I am officially jealous…I have always wanted to go to Boston, and New York is my favorite (so far). If you are hungry go up 8th street three blocks…on the corner of 8th and 37th is a hot dog place called Gray’s Papaya (open 24 hours) where you can get 2 dogs and a drink for $3.50…best, most delicious deal in the city.

Comment by Molly Ranae

who is that babe on the left?

Comment by hehe

i knew beer was good for something.

Comment by Bush


His name is Phil Wickham, but don’t get too excited he’s got a girlfriend… and I hear it’s pretty serious…

Comment by brodyharper

darn it. lucky girl.

Comment by hehe

Not even a call. Not even an invite. After all i’ve done for you…

We’re through.

Comment by Seth Ward

Mr. Ward…

Allow me to cut and paste….

“Hey! You’ll be in my territory soon! I’ll be in Houston though so I’ll miss it.”

Comment by brodyharper

Minor detail.


Comment by Seth Ward

ok…..if hehe is brody…then this convo would have him committed for sure!!!!!!! ( or maybe the road has made him crazy…and he has taken to talking to himself)

if hehe is phil….well, it would Make him look like he likes himself a little too much. (but, I do know many singers who like themselves in such a way)

hmmmmm…so, hehe is….???

a musician !!!!?????

an escapee from a mental ward!!!????

Evan Wickham!!!????

any other Wickham?????

Shawn, or Shaun !!!!!?????

or…all of the above…….

Brody, give us a clue…..it’s only fair!!!!!

Comment by kimmyb

it’s not phil

Comment by brodyharper

…..or another thought….is it this girlfriend you are speaking of…..hmmmm??????

Comment by kimmyb

hey….narrow it down a little more for us Brody…and thanks for a little clue as it were…..lol.

Comment by kimmyb

I think it must be a guy…..girls don’t ever refer to a guy as a babe…at least not since the 80’s!!!!….lol……

Comment by kimmyb

Keep pluggin’ away at Brody Kimmyb. Maybe he’ll get sick of the whole hehe mystery and just spill it already. 🙂 I’m ashamed to admit I actually spent time trying to figure it out. I even went back on Phil’s blog and looked up an old comment that hehe had made regarding their(hehe’s) b-day and how it was the day before the “Cannons” release. I also noted that they typed Philip instead of Phil and talked about how proud they were of him. At first, I though hehe was Phil’s dad or mom(maybe even his sister or Sandy), but then the whole hottie thing(babe) threw me. Then, I just thought oh…hehe is Phil’s girlfriend who is forced to remain anonymous when she really wants to shout to the world(including cyberspace) her love for Philip. Finally, I thought…”Holy Cow,” I have just spent ten minutes(okay fifteen) thinking about Phil’s love life, Brody, and hehe. That’s when visions of men in white coats flashed before my eyes and I turned OFF my computer! lol

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

Melody- that is hysterical !!!!

I think Brody should tell us all….for our emotional health, if not for anything else!!!!! lol

I just have this terrible habit of trying to solve mysteries…..uhg……it drives me crazy…..but, in a fun way…if ya know what I mean!!!!!

Comment by kimmyb

Yes, I do know what you mean Kimmyb. I have to say, I’m relieved there is at least one other person out there who tried to figure this “hehe thing” out. Do ya think hehe is getting a charge out of all this, even a little? Hey, I just had a great idea Brody. In honor of the tour ending tomorrow you should do something really special. Not like going out to dinner, having a party, planning a special last hooray with all the guys. No, something truly wonderful like…telling us who hehe really is (I’m sure you didn’t see that suggestion coming a mile away.) Now that’s the way to end the last tour date, huh? 🙂 Ha. Whatcha think Kimmyb? Do I hear a second? lol

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

yes….I second the motion….so technically he has to tell us…..right?????

I mean what is the harm in us knowing????

and yes Molly…I am sure hehe is haha-ing about all of this…..sorry that was pretty lame…bad attempt on a play on words!!!!!

So Brody….balls in your court, so to speak…..come on….we can all keep a secret!!!!!


Comment by kimmyb

It’s the last day! Congrats on an awesome tour guys. All for God’s glory. Woo-hoo!!!

We’re waiting Brody Harper… 😉

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

i know who hehe is.

haha .

Comment by jardmarhehe

it isn’t nice not to share…lol…so, ok….I will fall for it….who is it????

Comment by kimmyb

jardmarhehe – Me thinkest thou speaketh in jest. If not, pray tell how came you to know of hehe’s identity?

Melody Milbrandt in MO

P.S. – It’s almost Turkey Day. Yea!

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

we were borneth of the same mother.

Comment by jardmarhehe

so…..are you Evan Wickham…or a Wickham in general??????? His sister?????

or….a member of Brodys family?????

I am out of here for a week….going to SoCal…..everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

Comment by kimmyb

Ha “Borneth”…nice. How many of you(sibling’s) are there in your family?
Will you get to spend the holidays together? I sure hope so.

BTW – do you know mr flowers or snow white?

It’s snowing here. The pretty kind. Big, plump, lacey flakes. Lovin’ it. The only thing better than Thanksgiving snow is Christmas snow…
“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know…” :}

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

i live in a family of five.
and this thanksgiving, im thankful for hehe.

Comment by jardmarhehe

That’s sweet. God bless all five of you.

Are you braving the shopping crowds for holiday purchases this weekend or staying home?

What about mr flowers or snow white…


Comment by Melody Milbrandt

haaaa alright, im done, i guess your gonna have to figure out who hehe is on your own.
Godbless you too, and marry christmas !

Comment by jardmarhehe

Bummer! 😉

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

Kimmyb – When you get back from SoCal and check this post (as I know your sleuth solving mind won’t be able to resist), let me know what ya think about this whole thing. I’m wondering if it’s all just a farce. Hmmmmmmmmm…
Merry Christmas!
Blessings to you.

Melody Milbrandt aka Vickie Vale 🙂

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

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