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American Gangster And Cheesecake
November 13, 2007, 11:46 am
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american-gangster-poster-0.jpgYesterday we had a day off in Raleigh, NC. I woke up about eleven and remembered my last day off on the road and how it took forever to get myself to do my laundry. I forced myself to be ambitious about it and just went for it. I grabbed all my stuff, a Transformers DVD and headed for the hotel laundry room. An hour and a half later, all my laundry was done and I was ready for my day off.

We started out by walking around a mall that was close by. I didn’t see anything I needed except for Starbucks, and we found out that there was no movie theatre there, so we left. Phil did buy a new video game (something about modern warfare) so we all sat on the bus and watched people play that for a while. It’s apparently a brand new game and pretty intense.

After that a group of us talked the hotel shuttle guy into driving us to the closest movie theatre, which was about six miles away. I don’t think the hotel people liked it, but they were willing. And we tipped him well so he would be gracious enough to come get us after the movie. About ten of us went to see American Gangster with Denzel Washington. It was a pretty intense movie, but turned out to be really well done. The actors were amazing, and I heard it was based on a true story so that’s cool to me.

After the movie we got the hotel guy to drive us back to the Cheesecake Factory across the street from where the busses were parked. Dinner, cheesecake, and a slow walk back to the busses and I was ready for bed. By this time it was about eleven and we thought it would be fun to have fun with David’s camera that was placed in front the bus facing out. Several of us made up names and chatted on David’s blog while people guessed who we were.

Pretty exciting day huh? Don’t you feel like you were there with us? Today we are still in Raleigh and have a show tonight. Four more shows.


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Ehhh…I’ve got nothing.

But I did want to comment on the amazingness of Cheesecake Factory. Tulsa just opened one last month (praise Him) and the lines were ridiculous from day one. I’ve ever only been to the one by Green Hills in Nashvegas…soon I’ll hit up the Tulsa location.

Sounds like you guys are wrapping up the tour nicely. I can’t believe it’s almost over and that Thanksgiving is almost here. I hope you get (fully) well in time for the holidays, Brody!

Comment by Rachel

Blessings to “hotel shuttle guy” for carting everbody around on their day off.

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

You were on there!? Which one were you?

Comment by anon4him

Go to google, and type in “Hollywood and God”. Go to the first link and check out the video!


Comment by Josh

I am a big fan of Denzel Washington. From the time I saw him in Pelican Brief in highschool. Only four more shows, that is great.

Comment by jessie

You went to see “American Gangster” WITH Denzel Washington? Now that is impressive man. I really enjoyed that movie, another must see is “Martian Child”, it is pretty touching. Molly may say go see “Lars and The Real Girl”…don’t do it, the movie does not resolve, kind of irritating.

Comment by Shawn Bashor

NY 1 & 2- then straight to NC… What happend to the post about the DC show in between? I can’t believe you skipped right over the concert at the 9:30 Club in DC. That was the one I actually drove 2+hrs to attend & I was looking so forward to reading your post about it! (You still can, you know! Hint-Hint, Wink-Wink!) Was that you with the video camera up on the balcony above the stage? If so, you had the second best “seat” in the house.lol Mine was the absolute best- front & center singing right along with Phil to every word! We(Me & Phil’s CD)sound great together in my car, but live in person(Me & Phil)- we rocked!

Comment by Laurie


Sorry about that. I totally forgot to do something that day and then because we had a day off I didn’t even open my computer. I do have a few pictures from the 9:30 club and it was a great show.

No, that wasn’t me up at the video camera. I was up there for a few seconds just to grab some pictures, but then was outside talking to my wife. Then after the show the booking agency for all three bands was there and wanted to take the artists out for food. I didn’t go.

I almost walked into a gay sports bar, but I’m glad I didn’t.

I will try to come up with a better post later.

Comment by brodyharper

A gay sports bar- now there’s a subject for an interesting blog- maybe some other time! For now, the DC show will do. Also- What’s this I hear that Phil went “under cover” chatting online with David’s Xanga cam-thingie last night, but hasn’t posted on his own blog in “SEVERAL” days? (And by SEVERAL, I mean TOO MANY!) Maybe he should do the 930 Club Blog as well!

Comment by Laurie

Thanks to Josh for posting about the ‘Hollywood and God’ website. I found it very thought provoking and encouraging.
Anyone else find it interesting that one of the most popular profanities today is the name of the One who spilled His blood for all humanity: “Jesus Christ” ? why isn’t it any other person’s name?

Comment by jen

*(Disclaimer…this is not meant to be taken in any tone other than tauntingly…in other words, I am in no way, shape, or form upset.)*

You know Shawn…I only have to start reading your comments, without looking at the name, to know who wrote them…I challenge you to go 24 hours without being sarcastic or smart alecy (no…I will not use the alternative to “smart alec”). As soon as I read “WITH Denzel” I knew it was you…what a punk.

And “Lars and the Real Girl” was good…it did not need to be resolved in the confines of the film strip because you already knew what was going to happen…so get over it (*she said in the most loving tone she could possibly muster).

Brody…glad you enjoyed your day off.

Comment by Molly Ranae

Molly….you go girl!!!!!! lol

Comment by kimmyb

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