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North Carolina
November 14, 2007, 1:47 pm
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200px-dollar_general_logo.pngLast night we were in Raleigh, NC at some Memorial Auditorium place. The theatre was huge and spread out, so it looked even bigger. My dentist friend Tracy came to the show and hung out for the day, and later that night some more friends from the area showed up. The show went great. I think one of the more solid shows of the tour. Everything just went smooth except for Davids guitar hero thing breaking. Other than that it was a good show.

Today we are in South Carolina, and I haven’t done much aside from walk around the building and down the block. Someone started yelling at me from the Dollar General parking lot across the street He was waving and asking me for a quarter. I felt weird yelling across the street to him, and didn’t feel like crossing the street to talk, but imagined in my head yelling back to him.

“Have some self respect man. What are you going to buy with a freaking quarter? You can’t get anything with a quarter! At least ask for a dollar or something”

I didn’t yell that back. I just waved and gave the universal shoulder shrug, for “I don’t have a quarter”, but the whole way back to the bus I replayed all the different scenarios that could have occurred had I actually done that. I feel like I should have now. Oh well. Another missed opportunity.

Now Phil and I are debating going and finding a Starbucks or something before sound check. Three more.


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It was great to see you yesterday and see what life is like for you. It is SOOO stressful and busy! I can see why it would be hard! Thanks for all you did!

Comment by tracyedwards

That show was sweet. At least from the live feed. Im sure it was much better in person.

Comment by alymc

so i was walking to campus from my apartment the other week, and i decided to stop by the bank. this guy stopped me right outside and asked for a dollar to buy pizza. i generally don’t give out cash, so i gave him McDonald’s gift certificates instead. he read the back of them and saw that they weren’t redeemable for cash, and gave them back! lol!!

Comment by kendra

Brody – Hi. I wanted to share somethin’ cool with ya. Perhaps you could pass it along to Phil if you’re so inclined. He may already have “people” who have shared this info with him, but just in case. Here goes… In the Nov./Dec. issue of CCM Magazine he’s got track #4 on the new CCM Music Collection CD with a nice “blurb” about “Cannons” underneath the album pic. More importantly though, on the “In Review” section(page 81) “Cannons” got four stars. They titled the review “Delivering Poetic Justice,” and it was written by Lizza Connor Bowen. Seriously, this is a glowing review. So, my belabored point is #1 Phil would be blessed to read it if he hasn’t yet and #2 he should consider having his web team post it on the My Space site. I would love to post the review here, but I don’t want to get in trouble for taking over your blog. 🙂

I swear I’ll never post this long again. Ha.
Blessings to all – Melody in Missouri

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

Brody….maybe the guy asking for the quarter had .75cents…and he needed the quarter to add to it ..uh, to make it a dollar….then he would be able to buy one wonderful thing from the zillion things at the dollar store…..uh, it’s a possibility…lol.

Comment by kimmyb

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