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South Carolina
November 15, 2007, 3:07 pm
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emprise_tv.pngPhil and I have been in a pretty solid groove for the last few shows. Everything seems to be clicking and going really well during the shows.

Last night we were at an old theatre called the Township Auditorium. According to some folks at the building, Elvis has played there twice so there was a mark on the stage where it was a rule to shake your leg like Elvis when you are standing there. I made it a point to stay away from that mark as to avoid being forced to look like an idiot. The show went great. Everything was solid. Bwack fixed the guitar hero guitar, so David was able to play that again. And after the show we had a tour Ultimate Frisbee party in the parking lot.

This tour has been so amazing and I am proud to be able to say that every single guy on this tour are legitimate, good friends. It’s going to be sad to see this tour end, even though I am thrilled to be home and hang out with my family. The Crowder guys have been amazing hosts and ultra generous to everyone on this tour. We had a great time last night hanging out for one of the last times.

Tonight we are in Orlando, at Hard Rock Live. Two more shows and we are headed home. We have been talking about how much we want to do this same tour again, but doubt it will happen. Either way, it’s been amazing. Kristin is coming to the show tomorrow night, so I can’t wait for her to see it, and for me to see her. It’s a perfect ending to an amazing experience.

More Later….


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That video thing still creeps me out. I kept feeling like people could see me. Weird.

Comment by jessie

One more day. Wow. Time flies. After you hang with the family a bit, where will you be off to next Brody sir?

Comment by Melody Milbrandt

I love the live feed. It’s fun. I missed that the other night though! Bummer.

Comment by alymc

Yeah live feed is cool!
And the chat was awesome.

Comment by Raquel TWG

I’m so sad I ended up having to miss the show tonight. Stupid exams. Ah well. I’ll have to catch ya’ll next time.

Enjoy the last little bit of the tour!!

Comment by Lindsey

Glad to hear that all is well. I am curious about one thing though. I toured a few shows with the group Acapella. There were none public moments I remember about certain group members. Like that all members, not just the rode crew helped break the stage down every night. Or the lead singer working on new music while everyone was at dinner.

Any personal yet okay things to share about those you have worked with on this tour? Take the fan out of us and let us enjoy the authentic people like Phil, David and you!

Comment by Mr. Police Man

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