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Customer Service
November 24, 2007, 5:29 pm
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imnotagynecologistfoto.jpgImagine driving with your wife and kids to a city about a few hours away. You and your kids are hungry so you decide to stop at a Taco Bell in east Tennessee. You place your order, and patiently wait behind the guy that cut in front of you to order. You are getting more and more hungry, looking at the different ways that Taco Bell packages the same five ingredients.

Finally the kid working behind the counter walks up and calls out your number. You grab the tray of food and glance up to see that the teenage boy that just handed you your food is wearing this shirt. It reads, “I’m no gynecologist but I will take a look”. Hmmm… What crosses your mind at this point. I’m guessing it’s not how he has carefully inspected your food to make sure it meets Taco Bell requirements. My guess is that all hunger subsides at this point. Then your mind may wander to think of how proud his parents must be to send their little Johnny off to his first job at the local, East Tennessee Taco Bell.Just a few places your mind might go.


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Usually a fast food worker wearing gloves is a great comfort to me. But…

Comment by Shaun Groves


Comment by Melody Milbrandt

My first thought (after ripping the shirt off of him!) would be to get the manager (who’s probably 19 or 20) to remove this individual from the customer service area seeing as he now has no shirt so can’t give or receive any service.


Comment by Beth

where is his uniform?
you should have your own shirt that says,
“i’m no rocket scientist…but you’re a dumas!”

Comment by BUSH

I worked at Hot Stuff in a gas station and no one ever gave me a uniform, because they ran out or something, but at least I always just wore a plain black shirt.

That guy’s shirt put too many thoughts in my head. Very inapporiate.

Comment by Annie

wow… that really isn’t work-appropriate attire… in fact it’s not even any-appropriate attire!

Comment by anon4him

Where is a baseball bat when you need one?

Comment by Molly Ranae

you’re welcome for the link. i read often so i thought others should too. and i already have the dvd. i saw the show in houston last year and i am going again this friday (nov. 30th). im stoked. such a great story told by a great singer/songwriter.

Comment by joelgutowsky

Uhm, that is soooo approriate for a family establishment’s employee to wear. Maybe he should reconsider his offer before someone with a raging yeast infection walks in and takes him up on it.

Comment by euphrony

…I am going to go hurl now.

Comment by Molly Ranae

Inappropriate, yes… funny… yes.

I’m surprised he did get away with wearing that @ work.

I like to wear my “sex, do it for the kids” shirt to church a lot.

Comment by portorikan

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