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My Weekend With Denzel
December 2, 2007, 9:34 am
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denzel_washington1_300_400.jpgIt’s not a man crush I swear. I don’t know why it is, but for some reason I have watched two Denzel Washington movies in the last two days. Deja Vu and Inside Man. Both are decent movies and I didn’t fall asleep through either one so I guess they kept my attention.

I remember buying Inside Man at an airport before a long flight, but never got to finish it so then we owned it, and I still hadn’t gotten around to watching the end. Deja Vu, I rented the other day when the boys were getting their movies because I remember seeing the previews for it and thinking, “How are they even going to try to make that seem like real life?”

So now I have watched two Denzel Washington movies in two days and I feel a little weird about it. There you go. I’m thinking of running by the video store again today for something for tonight. Any suggestions? Maybe something else with Bruce Willis?

Have a great Sunday.


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The picture you chose is less “action guy” and more man crush style…. I’m just saying….ha ha

Glad you are getting your action movie fix while I’m gone.

Comment by Kddub

I agree … that picture is a little more on the man crush side … I think it’s the smile.

Comment by Alymc

Your wife is funny.

Comment by Shawn

“live free or die hard” was amazing

Comment by kyle

have you seen american gangster? denzel washington is one of the coolest men on the planet, lol

Comment by conzo

have you seen “Man On Fire”?? One of his all-time best (and one of the better action movies, in my opinion)….especially, if you are a dad.

Comment by brandon.marler

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