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Day Five (Starting Him Off Young)
December 4, 2007, 10:03 am
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22969323.jpgSo far this time that my wife has been gone has gone well. We have ventured to stores, playgrounds, and even made it to church on time on Sunday. The boys are still waking up at about six, which is really still the most offensive thing to me. It still takes me a good hour or so to realize what they are doing.

Yesterday I was trying to clean up a little, knowing that Kristin was going to be home Wednesday and being the responsible father that I am, I didn’t want to save all of the cleaning until the last minute. I was vacuuming the living room and noticed that wherever the baby was, I couldn’t hear him. I knew he was in the kitchen, but he was being far too quiet to be doing anything good. I asked Aiden what he was doing in there and he told him that “Cooper’s eating something yucky”. I went in to see what he was eating and found him sitting at the base of the kitchen trash can.

I know. I know. All the moms gasp. Cooper had stood up and reached into the can and pulled out one of those aluminum yogurt lids with day old yogurt stuck to it. On top of that mixed in with the day old yogurt happened to be yesterday’s coffee grounds…. and he was chewing on it. His entire face was covered with old yogurt and coffee grounds as he looked up and smiled and said “Dada”.

He seemed to have a little more energy for the next few hours but by nap time was ready to crash. I told him it would put hair on his chest, so hopefully there is a surprise by the time mom gets home.


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When Gabriella was very small we fed her queso full of jalapenos – that’s the Texas version of a West Coaster’s coffee I suppose. No hair on the chest yet. Just a few minor ticks and twitches when she hears Spanish spoken.

Kristin’s almost home, man. Less than twenty four hours remaining. (You need a countdown clock on the blog.) And nobody’s been to the hospital. There should be an award for that kind of accomplishment.

Comment by Shaun Groves

I ditto SG Bro. You have done a great job, at least based on what you have told us. Glad you have had this one on two time. See ya.

Comment by Mike

well, apparently he didn’t dislike the taste of yogurt and coffee… he could have been eating way worse stuff for him, so I give you an “A”

Comment by anon4him

That is classic and precious! My sister in law had a similar experience when my nephew was in the kitchen and laughing really loudly about something. She discovered that he’d gotten into the pancake mix and was making a nice little sculpture out the pile. Of course, before disciplining him (he was about 2 at the time), she took a bunch of photos. Naturally.

Comment by Rachel

You’ve done well. Who knows, maybe thats a good idea for a new snack.

Comment by alymc

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