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Twenty-Five Years
December 4, 2007, 5:57 pm
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bridegroom.jpgTwenty-Five years is a long time. It’s a long time to have a home loan. It’s a long time to have a car. It’s a long time to have a job. It’s also a long time to be married.

Today is my parents Twenty-Fifth anniversary. Silver I guess, isn’t it? That’s a long time to spend with anything and a pretty amazing accomplishment. The longer I am married the more I am excited to get into those numbers. To think about how much you really know someone after twenty-five years. I haven’t even known myself that long, really, but it excites me to think about getting there myself. I can’t wait to know my wife that well. Where over half of my life will be spent with her. Where I can’t remember not being with her. That’s something worth looking forward to.

So anyway today is their day. Happy Anniversary parents.


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Happy Anniversary from me too! My parents were married just shy of 40 years before they both passed away. My in-laws celebrated their 52 anniversary this year. It’s hard to even imagine one without the other. Scott and celebrate 20 this year and it hardly seems like our life together has even started some days. I’m praying for 20 more at least.


Comment by Beth

Thanks son but where did you get our wedding photo. Oh wait thats not me there is no cheesy mustache. Anyway thanks. We are celbtrating with Kristin, Blue and the LaPeras with a big spread of Chinese food fro Changs Bros..yum yum. Mom and I are going out Friday night. See ya

Comment by Mike

Man.. my parents are old… They’ve been together over 30 years and I’m only 19! To be fair though, they did have 7 other kids before me, so they aren’t particularly old to the first kids.

Comment by anon4him

Happy Anniversary, Barb and that CSI guy.

Comment by Shaun Groves

Happy Anniversary, and thanks for celebrating it with us and chinese food!

Comment by Kddub

Happy anniversary, Mike and Barbara! I share Brody’s sentiment – looking forward to celebrating those higher numbers… They are telling.

Comment by annie

I just think it’s cool that your dad checks your blog. I’ve never seen my dad touch a computer keyboard. He’s still very cool, though. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

Comment by cool dad

Happy anniversary!

My parents just celebrated #41 over Thanksgiving. They were actually married on Thanksgiving day!

Comment by euphrony

Thank you very much, Brody. We had a great time with Your sister, Harold and Kristin and the kids. Only thing that could have made it better is that if you and the little guys could have been here. We decorated the tree and laughed alot. Love you all.
Thank you, also to all Brody’s friend who commented.

Comment by Barb

Happy belated Anniversary to Mike & Barb!
“Cool dad,” I think it is such a blessing that Brody’s Dad, Mom and wife comments on his blog and also love that Brody and wife comment on each other’s blogs. Great example of family oneness!

Comment by Kelly

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