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But It’s Still Not Happening (Part 2)
December 6, 2007, 10:56 am
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burgler.jpgA friend emailed me this:Fans are demanding more and more, but they’re unwilling to pay for the actual product. How is a musician supposed to make a living if this continues? People don’t have any problem with stealing music, then they lament the current mediocrity of the music industry. Mediocrity that’s due to the fact that record companies are afraid to take chances on unproven stuff because the odds are they will lose big. I know there needs to be a new business model, but I feel like people will just find new ways to crack it and continue stealing.


Well? What do we think about that? I have some answers, but I also want to see my family today. Go for it.

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Okay, first, I love that picture.

As to the e-mail comments and your question: yeah, I don’t know. Short of convincing people that they are not entitled to everything they want for free (have fun trying that one out), thus returning to the status quo, I’ve not a real clue.

Comment by euphrony

Labels pulling there music off iTunes is not helping either? I believe the music industry as a whole are comprised of greedy selfish individuals. I have a few contacts in the music business. They are good honest individuals who are not complaining. They are not even Gold or Platinum artist and are still making a good living. Universal needs to put there music back on iTunes. It is actually interesting at the amount of music not available on iTunes. Ipods are at an all time high. What do you have to use with Ipods? iTunes! If I was a label I would want Apple on my side. Just some thoughts.

Alright it is now time for the anti-Apple people to speak.

Comment by Hickman

I think that I am personally finding some of the best music I have ever heard now days. I believe that the internet has made what i consider great music more available. The record companies and the media market what they think will sell. It’s all about the dollar, but the bottom line is this……most of that music that hits number 1 on the billboard charts is terrible. In a lot of cases it is not even music. Just unorganized noise that repeats the “coolest lingo” of todays culture over and over and over again to a bad beat built on a hyped up casio keyboard. Garbage. I mean does anyone really listen to radio anymore. Do they still play videos on MTV? Or is it an outlet for false dreams never atainable by the average human being? Built to make us see that what we have is not sufficient and we need more of what the “famous ones” have. I am not complaining about the mediocrity of music, I am basking in the glory that I can get my hands on great music a lot cheaper than at best buy or itunes and sometimes even free if I chose. Anyone ever heard of Radiohead?
The fact is is that with the internet artist are getting to express their art to the multitudes instead of those at the local pub or coffee house. Go back to what Brody said about blogging. And myspace and facebook. These are great outlets for bands who don’t have to lean on the corporate side of the business and can express their true feelings, without any form of censorship, to the world. You know we may have to work a little harder, but their is great music out there. We just have to find it, blog about it, and support it however the artist needs to be supported. Just a few thoughts.

Comment by P.D. Ross

I think stuff has gotta change from the top. How the “business” is run is like we were in the 1960s. Times have changed, the internet has brought us into a completely different frontier that we need to keep up with or the artists and labels and whomever else has stock in this business is going to lose big!

Just like any other business….you gotta keep up, its part of the game. Just because its an artistic business doesn’t make it any less a business. He who better understands the customer gets the business. Consumers on any front always look for the “deal” the ” cheaper way” something for “free”. People gotta get creative instead of complacent. We have to not be afraid to smudge old boundaries, expand the vision outside of the box. I think artists that have embraced blogs, facebooks, and myspaces have got it. Although, the fad will move towards something else very soon, you gotta be up on it! I believe consumers, fans, etc will pay for something that no one else has. The hard part with the music industry is EVERYONE does the SAME THING…so no one wants to pay for it.

We need something NEW and then people will pay. Its the sad and ugly truth!

Comment by lisamarcia

well, back to the blogging issue. from personal experience i’ve paid for music that i support, artist that I want to see continue making music. i’ll admit i have a hard time buying music that Ive never heard. the only thing is if I burn it or download it for free then I have it and most likely im not going to ever pay for it.

getting to know your artists and musicians that you like will create a sense of understanding. if read about the artist life and experiences im more likely to feel compelled to buy their album than take it.

one option that record companies havnt tried yet is to work it like a rental.

log into a site select a band and an album, you have 24hrs to listen to it. after that you know what it is and if you like it than you can buy it, or you can do what you might have done anyway; take it.

Comment by randy

I’m with Randy on this one. I think, “if you can’t beat them, use what they are using to at least compete”.

It’s harder to screw someone you feel like you know. If I am reading into your personal life online, and know that you love your kids, and have been in the studio late hours, and are very passionate about what you are about to release, and I believe what you stand for, even if we have never met, I feel like I know you. More likely than not will I throw $10 your way for a CD I watched you make and feel like I was involved in. I know I do that. I will buy a CD that someone has blogged about them making simply because I want to support them as people.

Comment by brodyharper

Sorry, but I just have to mention this. My friend at work wore that very same mask for halloween! I love it.

Comment by annie

i think randy made an excellent suggestion about rentals. i was so sick of buying cds for $18 when there was only one or two good songs on it. i love purevolume and now myspace artist pages so that you can sample more music and know that you are really going to like the music.

Comment by anon

From my personal experience of being an artist and working with them, the internet is here to stay so you HAVE to figure out how YOU as an artist are going to make a living with it. If you leave to thr records companies to figure it out then you aren’t being proactive enough and not being forward thinking and not taking control of YOUR career. Stop the whining about downloads. It happens. As for BLOGGING. Where most artists get the whole fan thing wrong is that artist…especially ccm artists…don’t make themselves more available to their fans. Your fans are your bread and butter. cater to them, be about them, make music for them, and certainly allow them into you musical life by blogging. you won’t build a fan base faster than blogging, aside from playing more shows. these people want to know you and want to trust who you are…how else are you going to be able to show that side of you and who else is going to do it for you? do it yourself and take control…it does the body good.

Comment by spence

This is why I think Ruckus is such a great idea. If you have a .edu e-mail address, you have access to free AND legal music downloads, paid for by advertising. There’s a few catches: you have to download their music player, can’t burn anything onto CD’s, and it’s not compatible with iPods. You can pay $20 a year to put what you’ve downloaded onto a different type of mp3 player. I”ve heard that apple doesn’t want to work with them to make that possible iPods.
The awesome thing is that they have almost everything. There are very few things I’ve searched for that haven’t been available.
Anytime I hear anything about an artist who I might possible have the slightest chance of enjoying, I go ahead and download it. I get to listen to an entire album (or several albums) and decide if I like them before I go spend my very limited money on something.

I used to always find myself wishing that more artists had more of their music available to listen to on their Web sites (or myspace, facebook, etc) because I just don’t have the money to go spend on an album I’m not going to really like. More artists need to do this.

And I totally agree–I am much more willing to buy a band’s album if I feel personally connected to them or their music via blogs, etc., or if I’ve seen them put on an awesome live show. MuteMath, for example…I’m not really too crazy about a lot of their music, but their live show was so incredible that I will buy any album they make.

Artists need to 1) make it accessible and 2) make it personal and people WILL buy.

Comment by Lindsey

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