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Behold The Lamb Of God
December 14, 2007, 9:08 am
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eandrewpeterson1207.jpgLast night Kristin and I went on our Christmas tradition date to Andrew Peterson’s show. Once again it proved to be a pretty amazing experience. This year there were a couple changes to who was involved but for the most part it was the same. While I still loved every minute of it last night, I still walked away feeling like something was missing from the night.

This year they added Bebo Norman to the mix and, while I love Bebo’s voice and his own music, I honestly don’t think he fit in with the show as a whole. Bebo took Derek Webb’s place in the show, and obviously those are some pretty big shoes to fill. He did a great job, but for some reason I felt like his parts, and really the show as a whole, lacked the level of emotion that it has had in previous years. It felt too “professional” to me. It didn’t feel like a “music in the round” with these same people normally feels like. While everyone’s songs were good, the only song that really took me back was Andrew Osenga’s song, he mentioned was a song to his neighbors. I don’t know the name of it and it’s too early in the morning to remember the lyrics, but it was a great song. One of his best and the best of the night.

All in all it was still a great show, and obviously we will plan on going next year, but this year was different than the ones before. I think that’s what is so great about this show is that even though we have seen it three times now, it’s always different.

Who else saw the show this year? What did you think?


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Mrs. E and I saw it when they were in Houston two weeks ago. We really enjoyed it. It was my first time to get to go. Gor the BTLOG half, it didn’t seem that Bebo or Sara had a very big role, so not much to comment on for them.

For the “In the Round” I thought it all went together rather well. I’d never heard Andy Gullahorn’s music before, so that was a treat, and I had not heard much from Jill Phillips recently. Andy O played “Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates” (one of my favorites) and “Hold the Light”. I read on his blog he was talking about switching to electric guitar for this part; did he? And I love Sara Groves’ music, so I enjoyed that. I don’t remember what Bebo played, but he did a good job talking about Compassion.

We’ll definitely try to go back next year. Mrs. E just wishes that I could pick a concert on the north side of Houston (where we live) instead of the south side. We drove an hour to get there, and never left the city.

Comment by euphrony

I’ve never seen the show, but do you think this is similar to “demo-itis.” You know, when you hear a demo of a song, the acoustic bare bones rough version, and it’s THE song in your head. When the recorded version comes out (technically better in many ways compared to the demo) it doesn’t match THE song you remember, or the experience of hearing something for the first time. This is one reason I don’t post rough drafts of songs on my blog…yet. I know people will not like the recorded version as much: demo-itis.

Just wondering. Is that a factor at all?

Comment by Shaun Groves

i’m not from nashville, but i was actually in town last night and got the go to the show….my first at the ryman. i was so blown away. the best part of the music in the round was watching david wilcox enjoy andrew osenga, and sara groves’ songs. also, i agreed with bebo, how did you find me here is one of the reasons i wanted to play the guitar/write songs….so that was a huge treat. i’m new to your blog but have enjoyed your thoughts….daniel

Comment by daniel

I’m completely with you in your assessment of the show, especially Bebo’s role. I love the guy, he’s super personable to talk to and hang out with, has a outstanding voice and music and I think represents Compassion well. That said, he’s not Derek. That sound and Derek’s voice are inseparable for me. When I heard a month in advance that Bebo would be taking Derek’s spot, my wife and I talked about this exact thing and knew it wouldn’t be the same. Since “Deliver Us” is my favorite song in the show/album, I prepared myself not to be too let down. I think Bebo did fine, but it just wasn’t as powerful. It’s amazing/weird how much a voice can be tied to a song, even in the emotional response it invokes. I think Sara’s voice was as good a substitute for Sandra’s as you’re going to find. I think she fit the tour well for the most part. I was definitely different not having Derek and Sandra.

On the flip side, I think have Sara’s piano was a good addition for the round, giving a little diversity from one acoustic after another.

Andy’s song you were talking about is call “The Morning”, which is one of the best songs on one of the best albums I’ve heard in several years. The Morning is the name of the album, which came out summer of 2006. I recommend it hands down to anyone. It is just an amazing piece of art.

Thanks for talking about BTLG. It is worth the conversation.

Comment by bendavy

I don’t think it’s a demo issue. The album is incredible, the show is a literal dance, with musicians flowing on and off stage, or to other instruments. If you at all are into folk music and instrumentation, it is heaven. I think with the song Bebo did, it’s just a matter of the voice. You can’t satisfactorily substitute Derek’s voice. Bebo’s great, but not Derek (for me).

BTLG is just unlike any show I’ve been to. The first half is in the round where AP, Bebo, Andy Osenga, Andy Gullahorn (a glut of Andy’s, no), Jill Phillip’s and Sara Groves, take turns doing their songs. There’s an intermission and then they do the BTLG album straight through, which each song flowing into each other. You feel the longing of Abraham, Moses and all Israel, the angst of the the prophets, the expectation, the humble service and pain of Mary, the Inauguration of the Kingdom of Heaven as the King comes. I’ve never had an Advent experience like it. And I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic. You can see videos of the Ryman shows on Youtube or at http://andrew-peterson.blogspot.com.

Comment by bendavy


The song Andrew Osenga did was Hold the Light, my favorite song from the new Caedmon’s CD. He co-wrote it with Randall about his neighborhood group at church.

And Euphrony, yes, he did play it on electric.

Comment by Stephen

I disagree with you on the Bebo comments. I felt that his job with “Deliver Us” was great. I wasn’t sure what to expect, since I’ve only ever heard Derek sing it (except maybe once or twice a very long time ago), but I think Bebo did a great job with it.

Comment by Ron Davis

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