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Happy Christmas Everyone
December 25, 2007, 8:37 am
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Oddest Christmas Tradition? Ready, Go.


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happy christmas and merry new year!

Comment by pete

Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year! Just expecting the unexpected!!

Comment by Kelly

“Festivas for the rest of us!”
Merry Christmas Brody!

Comment by P.D. Ross

Ha no one told you any tradition.
I guess eating dinner at 11 pm on Christmas Eve is pretty odd. And partying until 4 or 5 in the morning. It’s odd for Americans. Tradition for Hispanics.

Merry Christmas, Brody 😀

Comment by Raquel TWG

Odd tradition: every year we get sick. You might as well inject us with live flu virus, at least one of us is going down hard. This year, Liler’E (at nearly 10 months) has had a respiratory virus since Saturday; his fever the last two days has topped out at 104. And we hosted Christmas for the family this year.

As a tradition, I would sincirely like to stop this.

Comment by euphrony

Out eating my grandpa with food every year. I got him the last couple of years though.

Merry christmas brody! hope all is well. god bless.

Comment by bryan2

In lieu of traditional gifts, my father-in-law has all the family participate in game show style games with him acting as MC. You never know what to expect – it’s hilarious!

BTW – Merry Christmas!

Comment by Mark Lee

Poker. With cash.
Nickle ante.
The second year of our marriage, my husband won $75+ from my uncle and cousins. That was some sweet In-N-Out Burger on the way home!
This year he lost $10!

Comment by Rowan

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