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Am I As Funny As I Think I Am?
December 26, 2007, 9:01 am
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satinleopardpajamas2.jpgKristin asked for pajamas for Christmas. She asked for a few other things that were pretty easy to find, but for some reason it took forever in the pajama section of some department store. I figured I could just run to Target or something, but since I was already committed, and at the mall, I figured I would take a look. After about twenty minutes of awkwardly walking around the very large, very crowded, women’s underwear and pajama section, there they were. It was almost as if a special light from the sky was shining down on these babies. Satin leopard print with the tiny red stripe on the edge. Perfect.

See, here’s how my brain works some times. I think presents are the best to give when they are useful, but yet still really funny. These pajamas fit perfectly within that niche. They were possibly comfortable, they were, in fact pajamas, and they were freaking leopard print with a red little stripe on the edge.

Here’s the only problem. I think this stuff is funny, but I am not sure many other people do. We have some friends out from California with their three kids for the week, and honestly, along with Kristin, they are usually the recipient of many of these gifts. One time I desperately tried to figure out how to put those fake, snap in spinners on the wheels of his Toyota truck. Turns out they don’t have truck sizes for that sort of thing. This year we got him a box of Stetson Cologne so he could smell like a hot cowboy the whole time he was here visiting. It was ten dollars from Walmart (Yes, Jeff, from Walmart), and we added some Marshmallow French Fries with Sour Candy Ketchup. Again, stuff I think is funny, but not sure if everyone shares my enthusiasm.

It’s not something new either. Years ago I remember getting a girl a goldfish in a plastic bag for her birthday present because I thought it would look funny on the table with all the other presents just sitting there swimming around. I was right. It looked funny. And last year I remember getting Shaun and Brian “feety pajamas” in their sizes with dinosaurs on them. But again, not sure if they all shared my enjoyment. Oh, well. It’s not like I am going to stop. And luckily I have a wife who doesn’t hold much value in what type of pajamas she gets for Christmas.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.


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I am so with you! The pajamas… HILARIOUS! Well done. I feel for my wife as well as she is usually the target of my hilarity (or, like you, what in my head is hilarious). Don’t stop man – just take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this! Perhaps we should start a blog just for sharing such ‘funny’ stories. That way we know we’ll at least get one laugh.. oh and we could swap ideas…we could be on to something here.

Comment by Just Matt

I think getting someone to laugh is the greatest gift of all. My mom still buys my brother and i something a small child would play with just to be funny. Like a nerf dart shooting gun or one of those old school guns that shoot the discs. They rock. I also like to “borrow” something from someones house a few months before christmas and then give it back to them for their christmas present. Nothing makes anyone laugh as hard as when they open up the that statue that sits on the mantel they have been missing. Funnyis great!

Comment by P.D. Ross

the thought of Shaun and Brian in “footy” pjs is completely horrifying. Did you get pictures?
And did your wife think the jamas were funny or did she simply appreciate the gift?

Comment by nancy

to answer your question… yes, yes you are.

Comment by mark

not sure why but the colon thing reminded me of that movie, “the cowboy way”. not sure if i ever saw the whole thing but I laughed. Get him some boots, you know he wants them.

Comment by randy

The funny thing is, Brody, your mom bought me almost identical pjs for Christmas 2 years ago. Now I don’t know what to think!

Comment by kricketd

I did think the jammies were funny, especially when I was wearing them and my two year old said, “Mama leopards have pockets!” (I think he thinks it’s a costume…)
Joke gifts are the best.

Comment by kddub

I’d pay money to see Brian and Shaun in “feety pajamas.” Make Shaun bring them to ND. It is cold there afterall.


Comment by Beth

I love those types of gifts… I also have the quandry of not knowing whether others will find them funny. For instance, I gave my brother a short short mini-skirt for Christmas. While this is not necessarily useful, I’m sure he’d love to see his wife in it behind closed doors, and the skirt also had a scarf with it that could be removed and potentially used.

Comment by anon4him

BTW – what is funny about Stetson? That is my everyday Cologne.

Comment by Just Matt

For the record – I did wear my feety pajamas once but they were made for a man about 6 foot 3 and I am a mere 5 foot 9 and 1/2. I am sure I looked as funny as the gift was. Everyone needs a gift giver like Brody in their life.

Comment by brianseay

i hate wal-mart. though stetson cologne is pretty funny.

Comment by jeff

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