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The Missing Face
December 29, 2007, 8:58 am
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mf_logo.jpgLast night Kristin and I and our friends from California downloaded and watched a new short documentary from the guys who stared in and created “Long Way Round”.

The site explains: “Ewan and Charley first established their close relationship with UNICEF during their epic round the world bike trip Long Way Round. They were touched and impressed by the work that UNICEF do and have built steadily on this partnership to the point where they wanted to help raise awareness of children affected by AIDS on December 1, World AIDS Day.”

After we watched it, the four of us sat in silence for a few minutes all realizing how massive of a problem AIDS really is and how absurd it is that it’s only been within our lifetime that AIDS has become an epidemic that has and will completely change the world. We talked about statistics that our minds couldn’t even wrap around, and how little is seems that everyone is doing. The conversation went from AIDS in Africa to children slavery in India, to the mistreatment of female children in China and back. We talked about the desperate poverty of several of these nations and how American capitalism plays such a huge role in keeping other nations from thriving.

The part that turns my stomach about the whole thing is that so many of the issues in the world are so closely connected with sex. When did sex become such an important thing, that women would be forced to live in fear of any man that might want to take advantage of them and give them AIDS at any moment? When did sex become so important to people that children would be bought and sold as sex slaves to someone who decides that is what they want? How much of these issues would end if sex was as it was created? I know it sounds “flowery” and “Christian” but I think there is really something to it.

Anyway, check out the video. It’s only five bucks, and it’s worth the hour that you will spend watching it. There are so many ways to get involved, and whether it’s UNICEF or Compassion, or anything else, there’s no reason anyone is doing nothing. This World is too messed up to sit around and cover our eyes.


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I have not viewed the video but know and have seen the tragedies you speak of. You are absolutely right in essence the darkness does what darkness does. It is the Light that must must enter – there is no other way. We cannot “light a lamp and put it under a bowl” Each of us have a part.

Comment by Brian

Brody, that is a very endearing subject to me…eplilesy/sezures, injustice, prostitution, indifference to God…have all been added to the list. Indeed, this world is messed up…but our hope remains fixed on God as we venture out to the fields by His name and victory on Calvary…

Comment by Kelly

Thanks for letting us in on the video. This to is a serious issue that like you said, turns my stomach. I had a chance this past october to hear David Batstone speak on the human sex slave trade. He is a professor in California who helped expose a huge sex slave ring in california, i think san fran. He said that the two main drop off points in the U.S. is San Fran California and Atlanta Georgia. i was totaly unaware of how close to home this issue fell. It is amazing the amount of people that are tricked into coming to america to live a free life but are really thrown into one of the most destructive webs i can imagine. The sad thing is that the authorities did NOTHING about it. They had video taped evidence, sworn statements, and so much more and they did nothing. He suggested it was because they were not 12 year old, blond headed, american girls. If you take a look around you can really see how satan has his hand all in this “sex” thing. From pornography to sex slavery, it is so dangerous and I know a lot of people that don’t take it serious at all. THey claim its just fantasy, but it is so deadly in a million different aspects.

Comment by P.D. Ross

Another great organization that is making a difference in the area of global human rights is The International Justice Mission. Check out their website sometime… they are changing the world one little girl at a time.

Comment by Jennifer Bedingfield

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