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A Secondary Disease?!
December 30, 2007, 9:35 am
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syringe.jpgRemember Dr. Ish Pendi? Most of you weren’t around when I blogged about him, but he was the “Rock Doc” that came to the busses while I was on the tour, gave me a shot in the butt and some antibiotics in a bottle with a label that looked like he printed at home. Long story short, the pills never worked, I was sick the entire tour, two months of feeling miserable, until I borrowed some different antibiotics from someone else on the tour that seemed to work.

So now a couple months has passed, whatever that was that I had has seemed to pass, and I had completely forgotten about Dr Ish Pendi, until today. I woke up to find this email in my inbox from a comment on that same post:

Did this Dr. Pendi give you antibiotics that were large blue oblong tablets? He came to my hotel room, gave me the same shot and antib’s and I now have a secondary disease from them. Suffering for over 3 months.

Hmmm. Large, blue, oblong pills? Check. Shot in the butt? Check. Secondary disease? What?!! I don’t think I have a “secondary disease”, but how do I know? Well I know that the pills I took didn’t do anything to fix anything. I also know that I was sick until I took someone else’s antibiotics, and that was the only thing that seemed to help.

All of the sudden my brain is starting to realize, “Wait, have I felt good since? Did I ever get better from any of that? Why did I pay $415 to get a shot in the butt and never feel better? Do I have some “secondary disease” that some weirdo in L.A. gave me from a shot?” You know, things like that.


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Brody…Please refer back to your Aunt Sue’s comment on that exact blog….Something about some strange dr. with drugs …in Southern Calif.
Scary stuff.
Love you, son…Mom

Comment by Barb

if you die, can i have your iphone?

Comment by jeff

Dang… well, I hope you don’t end up feeling any worse

Comment by anon4him

apparently anon4him is much nicer than me

Comment by jeff

Oh my word!! That’s horrible!
Is this doctor legit?

Comment by Alymc

that’s freaking crazy dude!

Comment by BUSH

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