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Letter To The Editor
January 1, 2008, 11:14 am
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This isn’t the “something awesome” I was talking about yesterday, but we got this in the mail yesterday and thought it was funny.

Happy New Year everyone. Last night Kristin and I went to a neighbors house, played some Dance, Dance Revolution, and were in bed by ten. We stayed up to watch the ball drop, and by 12:15 everything was off and we were asleep. Pretty rockin’ huh?

What did everyone else do last night.


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Watched a movie until 11:30. HAd an ice cream sundae with my wife until 11:45. Watch Dick Clark until 12:02. Went to bed. Listened for the next 23 minutes to my neighbors fire off round after round with their fire arms. There are perks to living in the middle of no where, but on July 4 and New Years eve you need a bullet proof vest. Not a perk.
Happy New Year!

Comment by P.D. Ross

what does Rob Bell have to do with your New Year’s Eve Celebratory escapades?

Comment by JEFF

fair enough … i just read your letter to the editor … still, though, the connection escapes me.

Comment by JEFF

Played Guitar Hero 2 and 3 with a dozen friends for a couple hours, drank the smallest amount of New Year’s wine, watched the ball drop and was asleep by 2am. Slept in this morning and will relax the remainder of the day.

Ahhhh. 😀

Comment by Shawn


Comment by Mark

Welcomed the New Year with a Root Beer Float and friends.

Comment by nancy

I chilled with a college/high school group at a church from 7 till 12:30ish. I mostly played lots of basketball and had a great time… but a knee to the thigh can really hurt!

Comment by anon4him

Saw the letter yesterday when I got my Relevant. I felt a strange sense of pride in reading it, since, you know, you and I don’t actually know each other…

Comment by todd

I saw that yesterday in Relevant! Well done. I cracked up- I love their responses.

Comment by Annie

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