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The Missing Face
December 29, 2007, 8:58 am
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mf_logo.jpgLast night Kristin and I and our friends from California downloaded and watched a new short documentary from the guys who stared in and created “Long Way Round”.

The site explains: “Ewan and Charley first established their close relationship with UNICEF during their epic round the world bike trip Long Way Round. They were touched and impressed by the work that UNICEF do and have built steadily on this partnership to the point where they wanted to help raise awareness of children affected by AIDS on December 1, World AIDS Day.”

After we watched it, the four of us sat in silence for a few minutes all realizing how massive of a problem AIDS really is and how absurd it is that it’s only been within our lifetime that AIDS has become an epidemic that has and will completely change the world. We talked about statistics that our minds couldn’t even wrap around, and how little is seems that everyone is doing. The conversation went from AIDS in Africa to children slavery in India, to the mistreatment of female children in China and back. We talked about the desperate poverty of several of these nations and how American capitalism plays such a huge role in keeping other nations from thriving.

The part that turns my stomach about the whole thing is that so many of the issues in the world are so closely connected with sex. When did sex become such an important thing, that women would be forced to live in fear of any man that might want to take advantage of them and give them AIDS at any moment? When did sex become so important to people that children would be bought and sold as sex slaves to someone who decides that is what they want? How much of these issues would end if sex was as it was created? I know it sounds “flowery” and “Christian” but I think there is really something to it.

Anyway, check out the video. It’s only five bucks, and it’s worth the hour that you will spend watching it. There are so many ways to get involved, and whether it’s UNICEF or Compassion, or anything else, there’s no reason anyone is doing nothing. This World is too messed up to sit around and cover our eyes.


My Top Six (Because Five Looked Weird)
December 28, 2007, 9:32 am
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Planet Earth
December 27, 2007, 8:50 am
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bbc_video_planet_earth_dvd__1___large_.jpgI’m a pretty big geek when it comes to natures shows, and since we got rid of our cable, we don’t have the Discovery Channel, or Animal Planet.

One thing that I have been wanting to check out for a while now, but haven’t been able to is Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth. I have heard it’s amazing, I have watched a bunch of clips online, but have never actually seen any of the show. One of the gifts that I got for Christmas that I am pretty excited about is the entire series on DVD.

Ever since I was a kid I can remember being fascinated by watching animals do what they do. And even now if there is some nature show on I am totally captivated. Remember Ranger Rick? I loved it. And from what I can tell our kids are pretty in to watching nature shows and reading about animals too. Most likely it’s because I am always convincing them that nature stuff is awesome, but I am pretty excited to eventually sit down with the boys and get our Planet Earth on.

Have you seen it?

Am I As Funny As I Think I Am?
December 26, 2007, 9:01 am
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satinleopardpajamas2.jpgKristin asked for pajamas for Christmas. She asked for a few other things that were pretty easy to find, but for some reason it took forever in the pajama section of some department store. I figured I could just run to Target or something, but since I was already committed, and at the mall, I figured I would take a look. After about twenty minutes of awkwardly walking around the very large, very crowded, women’s underwear and pajama section, there they were. It was almost as if a special light from the sky was shining down on these babies. Satin leopard print with the tiny red stripe on the edge. Perfect.

See, here’s how my brain works some times. I think presents are the best to give when they are useful, but yet still really funny. These pajamas fit perfectly within that niche. They were possibly comfortable, they were, in fact pajamas, and they were freaking leopard print with a red little stripe on the edge.

Here’s the only problem. I think this stuff is funny, but I am not sure many other people do. We have some friends out from California with their three kids for the week, and honestly, along with Kristin, they are usually the recipient of many of these gifts. One time I desperately tried to figure out how to put those fake, snap in spinners on the wheels of his Toyota truck. Turns out they don’t have truck sizes for that sort of thing. This year we got him a box of Stetson Cologne so he could smell like a hot cowboy the whole time he was here visiting. It was ten dollars from Walmart (Yes, Jeff, from Walmart), and we added some Marshmallow French Fries with Sour Candy Ketchup. Again, stuff I think is funny, but not sure if everyone shares my enthusiasm.

It’s not something new either. Years ago I remember getting a girl a goldfish in a plastic bag for her birthday present because I thought it would look funny on the table with all the other presents just sitting there swimming around. I was right. It looked funny. And last year I remember getting Shaun and Brian “feety pajamas” in their sizes with dinosaurs on them. But again, not sure if they all shared my enjoyment. Oh, well. It’s not like I am going to stop. And luckily I have a wife who doesn’t hold much value in what type of pajamas she gets for Christmas.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Happy Christmas Everyone
December 25, 2007, 8:37 am
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Oddest Christmas Tradition? Ready, Go.

We Skipped Church And Took Pictures Today
December 23, 2007, 9:26 pm
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I’m No Detective But…
December 23, 2007, 4:39 pm
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Caption 1:
Michael Millhouse, of Millhouse Signs, in Lewiston works on giving the windows at SCI Enterprises in downtown Lewiston some holiday spirit with a Christmas greeting Wednesday afternoon.

In completely unrelated news…

Caption 2:
A surveillance camera captures the image of an unknown man at the counter of a Zip Trip store on Bridge Street in Clarkston. A woman’s wallet can be seen laying on the counter in front of the man. The camera video taped the man later picking the wallet up and putting it inside his coat and walking out of the store.

Hmmm. If we only had another picture of him, and maybe a name, or even a company that he works at or possibly owns. Then we could catch this guy.

This was actually taken from a real newspaper in Idaho, and if WordPress wasn’t being stupid I could upload the file to show you the actual front page.