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Wikipedia And You
May 31, 2007, 6:57 pm
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I noticed today that there is very little on Wikipedia concerning Shaun Groves. I asked Shaun why he hadn’t put anything on there, and he explained to me that the rules are explicit. “Do not write articles about yourself, your company, or your best friend.” There it is. In black and white.

I thought about writing something myself, but was quickly distracted, and after refocusing, I realized that it would be way more fun and entertaining if you wrote about him. Obviously Shaun and I will have the ability to edit whatever is written, but I assure you, most content will be left on.

What do you know about Shaun? How much information can the general public, that knows him from his blog or otherwise, put onto a site about him? Can you surprise him and I with the amount of information that is really out there?

Let’s see it.


I Don’t Buy It.
May 29, 2007, 9:16 pm
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This site says I look like Johnny Depp, and a few other guys. I don’t buy it.


Trouble In Heaven Again?
May 26, 2007, 6:07 am
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Eternity is a long time. I have been thinking this week about spending an eternity in heaven, and what that could possibly look like to those that are there. I have been thinking about how long God and his angels were around before this world was spoken into existence and what caused the fall of Lucifer and a handful of angels.

The basic idea that I have is that Lucifer desired equality with God and became jealous (Isa. 14:12-14). He convinced thirty percent of the angels to rise up with him (Rev. 12:4) and were eventually thrown out of Heaven. (Isa. 14:12)

My question is, what is stopping this from happening again?

When this earth is over and all of the Christians are taken up, could there be a time in this new eternity where some of us rebel? I know the Sunday School answer is “no” because there can’t be sin in the presence of God, but why was there when Lucifer rebelled? What caused Lucifer to want to rise up and desire to be higher than God? Was it sin? And what is stopping someone from doing that once we are all there? What is stopping thirty percent of us from being “cast out”?

If you say there is no possible way that we could rebel in Heaven, are you saying that God will take away our “free will” when we get there? Or has he already? Does it destroy any thought that we chose to follow Christ?

If you are saying that we can rebel in Heaven are you saying that our “free gift of eternal life” can at some point be in jeopardy? Can we loose our salvation even when we have entered Heaven?

Or, has God created a different Heaven that is “more efficient” than the Heaven that Lucifer lived in, in order to avoid another uprising? And in doing that, acknowledged that there were flaws in a perfect eternity prior to Earth?

Any option that Shaun and I can come up with simply pokes holes in some of the basic beliefs of Christianity, and we were up until past 1 AM talking about it. At least we have a long drive tomorrow to talk more.

What are your thoughts?

Truth In Christian Magnets
May 24, 2007, 1:27 pm
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I don’t like cliches, and I really don’t like cheesy sayings that we have all heard a million times, but sometimes there is a reason some “sayings” have stuck around. “Money can’t buy happiness.” That’s one.

It’s not just happiness that money can’t buy. Money can’t fill your house with people that love you and are waiting for you when you get home from work. Money can’t keep a husband from visiting his girlfriend before coming home to you and the kids. Money can’t keep a daughter feeling like a princess when you have lost interest. Money can’t keep a marriage together, or keep kids from wanting a dad. Money can’t stop you from feeling alone at the end of the day when all the noises and distractions have been turned off.

The, now, single mother of three won’t be “just fine”, once the divorce is final because she has a padded bank account. The recently retired man won’t feel less alone after years of working for a comfortable future. There are more important things than things.

I know we have all heard it a thousand times, but sometimes it needs to be mentioned again.

Our Trip To The Dentist
May 23, 2007, 1:16 am
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Eastern Time
May 20, 2007, 3:20 pm
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I rarely use an alarm clock because I have kids and they work just fine, but when we are on the road and need to be somewhere early I have to set one. Most of the time I wake up before the alarm even goes off but still set it for those instances that I might not. I recently downloaded this new alarm clock thing from Apple and t works great. You can choose what song from your iTunes library that you want to wake up to, set it and it will wake your computer up, and start playing at the right time… assuming you set it for the right time. This morning, I didn’t.

Shaun and I went back and forth with what song to choose. “Back In Black”? No. “My Humps”? No. Anything Tomlin? Nah. I think we finally decided on Cake’s “Sheep Go To Heaven”, and went to sleep. I woke up this morning to no “Sheep Go To Heaven”, but to silence. I looked at the clock and once my eyes focused they saw “8:32 AM”. We were supposed to be at the church at 8:15 AM but at the latest 8:30 AM. Neither of those happened. I woke Shaun up, brushed my teeth and we ran out the door. The service started at 9:00 AM and we walked in the lobby of the church at 8:56 AM.

See it turns out that my computer is set to Central Time. North Carolina is not Central Time. I’m still recovering.

And Another Thing…
May 17, 2007, 3:51 am
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Guess who was at the table next to us at lunch today?